Review of Relaxed Realtor Hannah Perez

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Review of Helpless and UnawareRelaxed Realtor Hannah Perez – 13 mins

It’s hard to tell who is at fault… the uninspired client or mouthy, impatient real estate agent Hannah Perez. But it’s easy to tell this relationship has turned sour when Grant whacks Hannah over the head with a book!  She sways side to side and rolls her eyes seemingly for ages before wobbling back, falling against the couch and sliding back with her butt on the floor. While she is splayed out and helpless, Grant can’t help but admire her sexy business attire… her short skirt and blazer, black pantyhose and boots.  He’s been wondering what she has on under that skirt, so he takes advantage of her unaware state to see for himself.  Ah… sexy red panties underneath her pantyhose…Hannah wakes up and she is angrier now and starts to storm out.  Grant grabs her and nerve pinches her until her rolling eyes show she’s going back to lala land.  The over the top reactions stop when she falls hard to the floor.  Grant would prefer to move her into a position he prefers and props her up against the side of the couch spread eagle before checking her eyes and mouth and messing with her limp body.  She wakes up, even angrier… this time with a threat to call the law.  Grant doesn’t hesitate before striking her with his .  The way she is twitching, looks like he’s going to have plenty of time to play with her limp body… now let’s see if the bra and panties match…

Bit of and unusual description there as it stops about halfway through the video, but nonetheless if you’ve seen any of these videos, what follows isn’t hard to figure out. Hannah gets exposed a bit as grant rearranges her clothing so that her breasts are out and a few more KOs on the dazed and now panicked Hannah quickly sums up the rest. This one does have some over the top reactions, but doesn’t really matter because Hannah is just so good at selling she’s be great with or without more over the top reactions. Just the way she stubbles around before going out, or how she gets more dizzy and weak with each passing KO, to the point that she can’t get back to her feet by the end, are some of the things that I feel Hannah adds on her own and really makes these videos so much better. Now, I’ll never tell anyone not to do over the top stuff and these reaction have really increased my overall enjoyment of Helpless and Unaware videos. Hopefully they continue down this path and hopefully they ask the amazing and beautiful Hannah Perez to star in more of their videos.

Overall Score: 9.5/10