Review of Relaxed Realtor 2 Autumn Bodell

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Review of Helpless and UnawareRelaxed Realtor 2 Autumn Bodell – 14 mins

Grant needs a break.  He’s tired of looking at houses.  Autumn comes in and finds Grant thumbing through a magazine. Nag nag nag… he doesn’t hear words he just hears her nagging.  He whacks her over the head with a magazine.  Her reactions are over the top… her eyes roll, her head sways side to side then her eyes flutter and she falls back onto the bed with her tongue out.  Her entire body twitches several times. Grant is a little concerned, but that doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of the helpless and unaware Autumn. He hired her as a realtor because he recognized her from her porn videos, but she doesn’t know that he’s been itching to get his hands on her limp body. He pulls her dress up to reveal her sexy white thong, her garters and the tops of her stockings.  He fondles her breasts and her inner thighs.  She wakes up confused, but before she can really clear her head, Grant pops her on the head with his.  When she’s done twitching, he rolls her over to check out her amazing ass which looks so sexy with those garters and seamed stockings.  He manipulates her limp body, rolling her onto her back and then pulling her into a sitting position on the floor, propped up against the bed.  He spreads her legs, exposes her boobs and gropes them for good measure.  He pulls her down onto the floor and she starts to wake up.  She’s dazed, and starts making excuses for passing out… no explanation needed Autumn… we know what’s happening here. Grant nerve pinches her out… he isn’t quite finished exposing her and playing with her limp body. He keeps that magazine close by to whack her again when she starts to come to… he quite enjoys that twitching…

Back with more Helpless and Unaware content, I had to pass on some very good looking videos to grab this one, because this one was clearly going to have some nice over the top reaction, which you guys know I can’t get enough of. Autumn comes through for me in a very good way, she does some great reactions to the KOs, plenty of tongue protrusion and after each KO a few seconds of some very good twitching. Once all the over the top stuff is done, she gets the normal Helpless and Unaware treatment, lots of groping, a little nudity, plenty of upskirt views and some limp play. All the thing we’ve come to expect. I really like the normal Helpless and Unaware vids, but adding some over the top stuff really makes these so much better, in my opinion. I will say the camera got a little extra shaky at times, enough for me to notice and went out of focus a few time, both minor issues, but hopefully Grant can keep an eye out for that and stop it when possible. I’ll definitely be going back to him for more videos soon, especially the over the top ones.

Overall Score: 9/10