Review of Redhead Rumble

Review of DefeatedRedhead Rumble – 18 mins

Visiting redhead, Linda Sweet decided to challenge new local redhead, Meryl. The ladies meet in the mat room to see who the best redhead is. They show up in bright yellow robes, but quickly discard them displaying their beautiful bodies in their sexy bikinis. They lock up and Meryl immediately takes control tossing Linda to the mats and locking in a crossface. Unfortunately for Linda, it is all downhill from here, as she ends up being a practice dummy for Meryl to do as she pleases. Linda suffers through seemingly endless submission holds, for most of the holds Meryl adds a hand over mouth smother, including side head scissors, camel clutch, reverse figure four head scissors, a piggy back sleeperhold, side armbar, calf across the throat choke, Meryl then adds some humiliation to her torture by removing Linda’s top, then squeezing her nipples and tits. She then goes back to torturing Linda with more painful submissions, including, a side head scissors/arm bar combo, a dragon sleeper, a blatant two handed choke and a final extended sleeperhold for the KO. Turns out Linda wasn’t even a challenge for our newest addition, Meryl.

Got more Defeated action for you guys and this one is really just some good ol’ fashioned wrestling. No crazy stories, magic powers, or crazy over the top madness, just one poor visiting girl getting completely demolished in a one sided submission showdown, with a KO at the end. I think it’s great that Defeated isn’t just doing too much of one thing, even as much as I love all that over the top madness, it’s good for Defeated to keep mixing it up. This is a really well done wrestling vid with two lovely redheads that both look outstanding. I do have to say, Meryl seems like she is not new to this whole wrestling thing, she’s just a too smooth and confident already. And we haven’t seen her lose yet at Defeated, but if you saw my review of “The Red Viper”, I think it’s safe to say she will be a pretty awesome jobber too, whenever we get the chance to see that happen. As for this match Linda does all the jobbing here. I felt she was pretty good, lots of good struggling and a pretty nice reaction for the KO at the end. Again, it’s good for Defeated to mix up their content, but I definitely hope to see their new redhead, Meryl, in some crazy madness soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10