Review of Red eyed Knocked out, Smothered and Snapped

Review of DefeatedRed eyed Knocked out, Smothered and Snapped – 6 mins

Elizabeth enters in the room saying to June that her boyfriend was keeping her so busy… June doesn’t go easy on her, she furiously put Elizabeth in a Camel Clutch Sleeper hold combo till her eyes are RED. She leaves her knocked out, but as soon as she’s distracted, Elizabeth can make her fall on the floor, jumping on her, punching her face multiple times, leaving her knocked out. Her body convulses and her tongue protrudes; Elizabeth check her eyes to see if she’s out, and looks like she is. Unexpectedly for her, June can wake up, put her down and get her punching revenge, smashing her head on the floor multiple times and snapping her neck. To add humiliation, she leaves her tied up ass up.

Back with some more Defeated action for you guys and this one stars a two lovely faces we haven’t seen in a little while, Elizabeth and June, back for some quick and brutal KO action. Great to see these faces again after a bunch of vids from the new Hungarian group. Anyway, as is said this one was quick and brutal, even with a little OTT action for yours truly. This six-minute clip packs in some action, starting with Elizabeth being the cocky little wench that we all know she’s really great at, and June, not standing for her crap. We get to see at least one KO for both ladies, June being the one, Elizabeth gets two, with June getting the last laugh. All three KOs are great, little OTT, June mostly, but little excessive eye reactions from Elizabeth can count as OTT reactions, I think. Brutality is definitely in full swing though, with great face punches, face slams and a neck snap. Quick, simple, brutal and excellent, that’s what this is and I personally just really needed to see something from the Italian girls, because I know them and love them already and I needed to see them as Defeated’s Hungarian crew grows on me.

Overall Score: 9/10