Review of Rebecca and Victoria Knocked Silly

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyRebecca and Victoria Knocked Silly – 11.5 Mins

Rebecca and Victoria have just discovered that they’ve been sleeping with the same guy. When they confront him about it, he bonks them each on the head with a club, instantly changing their moods from “bitchy” to “silly”. Each girl laughs and stumbles around before passing out cold, and becoming sleeping, limp dolls to be played with as he pleases. The girls take turns waking up, trying to wake the other one up, only to be knocked silly by their boyfriend again.

I think this video is a great example of just how great Victoria really is for GGS. I feel this videos shows off just how much better Victoria is at all aspects of a GGS vid. I normally don’t like the laughing out loud style of silly KOs, but the way Victoria does it is just perfect, she does really laugh like she getting tickled, like Rebecca does here, but more of a dizzy giggling thing that I really enjoyed. Victoria isn’t the best eye roller I’ve ever seen, but she is just miles better than Rebecca for that as well. Even when it came to the little bit of acting needed in this vid, Victoria really seemed upset and pissed while Rebecca just kind of didn’t And finally Victoria may not be the hottest girl in the business, but she got some sexy curves and it just made me feel like Rebecca is too skinny. I don’t know Rebecca, meaning, I haven’t seen any of her vids, or don’t know how long she’s been doing this, but I can tell you it is clearly Victoria that makes me keep coming back to GGS for more. Most of the time I say two jobber, or in this case “sleepy queens” are better than one, but this time I just wanted more Victoria. I don’t think Rebecca is an awful performer it’s just Victoria is just much better in every way and she steals the show in this one. I do have to hand it to GGS for doing a two girl vid, I’m pretty sure they never done that before. Just next time, try closing that skill gap so we can really enjoy both girls.

Overall Score: 8/10

  • This is a good example of taking the good with the bad . However , even though it featured my favorite GGS model ( Victoria ) getting knocked silly yet again , it wasn’t enough to keep me from pushing the delete button after watching it once . I think your 8 out of 10 rating was extremely generous , but apparently your level of disappointment didn’t rise as high as mine did . I have noticed , though , that GGS has been adding more videos in their ‘ knocked silly ‘ series , including a third installment with Victoria , and happily she’s flying solo . Some of them might be worth checking out .

    • yea, i didn’t delete it because… Victoria… But I’m glad to hear that i don’t stand alone on this one, Rebecca just wasn’t very good at all. I don’t think i can fully say she was aweful, but next to Victoria, it wasn’t good. I did see a few Victoria vids while i was at GGS and they are definitely on my list to grab when i get the chance.

  • They actually have quite a few two or more girl videos lol. A few threes off the top of my head there is one with Victoria,Aimee and Lily basically my three top ggs girls prolly def Victoria and Aimme 1 and 2 and Lily good chance at 3 between her and Taylor. It’s on a video on their sister site ggh tho which is why I haven’t bought it. A solid 75% of the ggh vids have kos of some form usually half the time better than the ggs vids themselves but sometimes they don’t and you can’t tell really with the previews they give so it’s a risk.

    Really tempting tho those three being in a video together and hot as hell and dressed to my liking from the little preview you do get.

    Also I agree I never was big on Rebecca either. GGS and ggh are just those kinda sites where theres gems and theres pretty bad ones and because of the previews they give it’s a toss up most of the time outside of a select few girls who always slay it no matter what the video.

    • GGS very hits and miss, but when they hit, its a homerun but when they miss, its a big spin and a fall in the dirt. Normally Victoria is a no doubter, but when you start putting her with someone else it get much more risky.