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Starring Pandora (sporting her first thong ever on camera) and the stunning (and 6’4) Takaiji in a very BRUTAL and INTENSE video-game style fight to the finish! We’ll let the custom script do the talking on this one!!! “This is a multi-round and extremely brutal female battle done like the video games of yore. Pandora is geared up in a sexy pink thong bikini with pink boots. Takaiji in black boots and a bikini. We see them do intros for the camera and then the fight begins. Round One:  Pandora goes for a punch but Takaiji catches her and pummels her belly. We see Pandora’s beautiful ass jut out into the camera until Takaiji tires of the punishment and ends her with a sudden twist of the neck.  We hear a loud crack and she drops like a stone, spread eagle. Takaiji puts her giant boot on her face after she’s done convulsing for the win. Round Two: Pandora’s booty shakes as she bounces up and down, waiting for the round to start.  She charges but Takaiji catches her in a sleeper hold that has her drooling and rolling her eyes as she fades away.  Takaiji isn’t done yet, deciding to finish her with a terrifying punch to the base of the neck for her final blow.  Pandora spits drool everywhere and falls forward, her ass in the air and easy for Takaiji to place her boot on for the win.  Please add an instant slo-mo replay here and some alternate camera shots! Round Three: Another lovely shot of Pandora’s thong-clad derriere as she prepares to strike. A punch to the face spins her into the camera, however, and Takaiji picks her up in an amazingly HIGH BEARHUG! We see Pandora groan as her eyes roll and she fades, but Takaiji ends it with a sudden squeeze that CRUSHES Pandora’s ribcage.  She grunts and goes limp, eyes fluttering shut.  We see a shot from the ground as an alternate replay, and an instant replay of Takaiji crushing her yet again!  She lets her drop face down and we see Pandora’s butt shake as she convulses.  Pandora’s tongue sticks out as she twitches.  Takaiji places her boot on her back for the victory pose. Round Four: Pandora charges again but Takaiji quickly traps her and hits a brutal HEART PUNCH. Drool flies out as Pandora falls, eyes rolling, ass in the air, groaning and twitching.  “This is pathetic”, Takaiji says, lifiting the tiny girl upand twisting her neck with an audible CRACK!  She goes still, tongue out, and collapses face first onto the ground. Takaiji places her boot on her back for the vicatory pose! Round Five: A cocky Pandora says “hit me with your best shot” so Takaiji does, lifting A HUGE boot and connecting with Pandora’s crotch!  We see a replay from behind, with Pandora’s eyes rolling and tongue protruding as Takaiji then delights in slamming after into Pandora’s crotch.  The cuntbusting continues until Pandora finally begs to be finished, so Takaiji does so with a temple vise / skull crusher and an almost merciful neck twist (no sound effect here, please)!  Pandora grunts and falls, her booty dropping into frame, convulsing as Takaiji puts her boot on the back of her neck. “Maybe one more will do it” she says and CRACKKKK!   …she uses her boot for another neck crunch that makes Pandora go still. She places her boot on Pandora’s gorgeous ass for the victory pose! Round Six:  Takaiji, feeling bad for the tiny girl, offers her a knife to even the odds. Pandora smiles and takes it, immediately going for an attack but the powerful Takaiji reverses it and slowly send the tip of the weapon into her belly button!  Pandora grunts and groans, writhing as Takaiji sends the blade into her chest! She rolls her eyes and Takaiji mercifully finishes her with a plunging blade right behind her ear.  Pandora grunts, rolls her eyes, and plummets forward, her ass in the air as Takaiji places her boot on her head! FINAL ROUND! This time Pandora is sure she can get an edge, and she does by ducking under Takaiji’s legs and securing a sleeper hold that stuns the Amazonian warrior.  She rolls her eyes, tongue out, as she drops to her knees, but Pandora has a different finisher in mind.  She traps her in a reverse figure four neckscissors, her ample and tight ass next to Takaiji’s face as she squeezes.  Takaiji knows she’s trapped, but she decides to use a special weapon to send a projectile into Pandora’s back.  Pandora is stunned…and Takaiji presses the weapon to the back of her head.   The silenced weapon makes a deep sound and Pandora is done, limp and on top of Takaiji, who unfortunately is too weak to pull the tinier fighter’s thick legs apart!   The scissors takes Takaiji into a deep darkness that she might never escape from.  We see both fighters twitching in this glorious body pile as the game ends!”

Apparently this is the savage side of Sensually Savage, recently revealed to be indeed run by SKW’s Saya Savage, as a few of you had guessed and she revealed in I a pretty awesome way in a short video featuring Coco, but anyway, we have seen a lot of sensual stuff from SSP so far, but we have yet to see anything quite a savage as this. And I’ll tell you now, this is the kind of videos I will be hoping to see much more of from SSP. In this video game style video Pandora get absolutely destroyed by Takaiji round after round, ending up out cold and twitching again and again. You guys know that OTT reactions are my jam and this one is jammed packed with them. So not just twitching, but drooling and tongue protrusion too. But not only that, Pandora is wearing a pink thong and let me tell you, a lot of the camera angles we get are downright breathtaking. Pandora in a pink thong, pink boots and selling over the top is something I didn’t really know I wanted, but am so damn glad that I got it. This video also has a nice little cherry on top and that comes in the final round where Pandora finally gets the best of Takaiji, well almost does, but Takaiji spoils Pandora’s victory, giving as a double KO and a twitchy body pile to close out the video. This is what I love to see and I can only hope that we get more of our SKW favorites working for SSP, wearing sexy thongs and selling OTT KOs for us.

Overall score: 9.9/10