Review of READY PLAYER WON: game 2

Review of Sensually SavageREADY PLAYER WON: game 2 – 18 mins

PANDORA returns for another round…and this time she’s got the beautiful BAMBI as her opponent (with a brutal cameo from TAKAIJI)!!! (Contains sound FX and killer video game music!!) We fade in on Pandora picking up a game control and prepping for another round of “READY PLAYER WON”.  She loads up her previous opponent (Takaiji) and grimaces after remembering how badly she lost in part one.  She decides to lower the difficulty, and we see Takaiji suddenly turn into Bambi!   Pandora smiles as she gets ready to do battle, and this time her skills shine as she engages in a back and forth battle against the beautiful Bambi! ROUND ONE: the girls bounce back and forth (with some beautiful booty shots from the game cam) as the battle begins.  Pandora easily blocks Bambi’s punch and traps her with several blows to the belly.  She sends some knees to Bambi’s abs and then traps her in a sleeper fold that sends the brunette to Dreamland.  A sudden neck snap ENDS it for Bambi as she falls to the ground, her beautiful ass in the air as Pandora places her boot on it for a victory pose! ROUND TWO: a test of strength leads to a killer kick to the cunt for poor Pandora!   Instant Replays show the devastation caused by Bambi’s boot as Bambi drops to her knees and delivers a LONG series of cunt punches that turn Pandora into a drooling mess!   She traps Pandora in a reverse headlock and slowly chokes her out, only to suddenly SNAP her neck with a brutal vertical twist (instant replays follow, including a drool shot from Pandora)!  She goes for her victory pose as Pandora lays on the ground, out cold…and ass up! ROUND THREE: the girls are armed with knives this time, and Pandora manages to get an opening strike, plunging her knife into Bambi’s shoulder.  Bambi manages to plunge her both blades into Pandora’s belly, however, driving her to her knees in pain.  Bambi takes both blades and presses them into Pandora’s neck, who begs for mercy.  A sudden double thrust causes Pandora’s eyes to roll back as her body goes limp.  She drops to the mats, her ass in the air as Bambi goes for a victory pose! ROUND FOUR: Pandora nails an opening punch to Bambi’s crotch, following up with a HUGE series of belly blows (complete with brutal instant replays ) that leave Bambi barely able to stand and drooling.  She eventually drops to her knees and Pandora lands an intense punch to her BRAIN STEM!  Bambi drools a bit more, convulsing a bit more as Pandora turns her head and SNAPS it for the win and victory pose (right across Bambi’s perfect derriere)! ROUND FIVE:  The ladies are armed with KATANAS this time around, and a short blade battle ensues.  The two ladies cross swords and a sudden DOUBLE throat slice leaves them gasping and gurgling.  Bambi falls, drooling, her eyes rolling as Pandora lands on top of her.  The two convulse and fade away as this round ends in a draw! ROUND SIX: the girls trap each other in a double bearhug but Bambi counters with a headbutt.  Pandora replies with a cunt kick and traps Bambi in a triangle choke, sending punches into the brunette’s face, dazing her.  Ready to finish the game, Pandora sets Bambi up for a perfect neck snap.  She turns her opponents head but a set of hands come in from out of frame, grabbing both girls by the hair.  It’s TAKAIJI!!!   “Player three has entered the game” she says, and SLAMS the girls’ skulls together.   Takaiji laughs as she traps both girls in a reverse headlock choke.  We see thong-clad asses struggle as they slowly fade.  A sudden neck crank injures both girls beyond repair, but Takaiji isn’t done yet.  She leaves both girls on the mats, face down and ass up, adding a few spanks for humiliation.  She then spreads Bambi out and proceeds to use Pandora’s head as a battering ram, smashing it into Bambi’s crotch until she’s barely awake, her eyes crossing and rolling as her tongue sticks out.   Takaiji then forces the girls to switch places, using Bambi’s head to crush Pandora’s pussy into a fine powder, turning her into an eye-rolling mess on the mats.  A final blow leaves both girls out and piled up, but Takaiji still has one move left to make: a beautiful DOUBLE neck snap that gets “instant re-played” twice! Takaiji says “GAME OVER”, leaving both girls in a pile as she goes for her OWN victory pose!

One of my favorite SSP videos to date already has a sequel and I think Saya, or the custom writer or whoever is responsible for the video, has been paying attention to my reviews, because they know that two jobbers are better than one. Although they don’t both become jobber until the end of the video, but adding Bambi to face off against Pandora in this over the top video game style video is exactly what the doctor ordered. So now we get even more booty for our dollar. These two gals both wearing thongs, needs to come with a warning label. This much ass can’t be safe of the weak hearted. Anyways, the action is very similar to the first video, but sold even a bit more over the top. We get quick rounds, lots of KOs, darri-air poses, victory poses, some weapon action, all back and forth with Bambi and Pandora being evenly matched. And the ending is really the icing on the cake as Takaiji emerges from thin air and puts a beatdown on both thong clad ladies, which is even more of a sight to be seen. This is now easily my favorite SSP video so far, I hope this becomes a series or we get at least a few more entries. As I said last time this is what I personally want from SSP, definitely more savage then sensual and more SKW favorites wearing thongs.

Overall score: 9.9/10