Review of Raquel Roper in Freshly Cleaned & Knocked Out!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsRaquel Roper in Freshly Cleaned & Knocked Out! – 8 Mins

raquelHome alone and horny Raquel Roper was having a very hot intense shower as she was playing with herself in there. Too bad for her she had an intruder outside of the shower listening to her the whole time getting all worked up. Just when she got out and went to dry off the super villain came up behind her and put her in a headlock to send her off to lala land. Now he has himself a naked sexy sleeping beauty all for his pleasure. That is when he decided to play around with her limp body. Of course he had to feel up on her boobs that looked so lovely to play with. He even bent her over after moving her limbs around for a well-deserved dry humping. And since she was so horny and feeling playful in the shower he decided to take her hand and help her play with her pussy while she was knocked out. Its safe to say this would have been a total knock out for this sexy girl if she woke up during this time!

Here’s a Funhouse clip for us over the top guys, this is the only Funhouse vids that I know of with great tongue protrusion and drooling. The KO is quick, but there’s still a nice little struggle. Then Raquel’s tongue is hanging out of her mouth the whole time while her intruder is having his fun with her. As he plays with her limp body you can see some drool drip for her tongue several times. In normal Funhouse fashion, not only is this the little on the short side, but they also made me laugh during this one as well. While the intruder dry humps her limp body from behind he’s consistent and kind of creepy “oohs”, “ahh yeahs” and “ya like thats” had me laughing out loud. Overall, this was quite a great clip, the tongue protrusion and drooling along with the full nude limp play makes this one of, if not my favorite Funhouse clip so far. You guys just know that I’m a sucker for the over the top stuff.

Overall Score: 9/10


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  1. Profile photo of McChurl McChurl says:

    Raquel appeared in a pov boxing video for the Funhouse crew . She lost the fight and as a result there was a little over the top silliness as well as tongue protrusion . Annabelle Pync did a video for them with a little ‘ tongue ‘ action , as well . She’s sitting on a bed talking , babbling really , about this and that , when she’s bopped over the head with a pillow , and sent to la – la land . It happens three times and when she’s knocked out her tongue pops out and remains so while she’s partially undressed . It’s not bad , but there should have been less talking and more .

  2. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    I love attacks in the shower, where women are so vulnerable and so beautifully wet, nude and fragrant. I love to see their surprised faces when they see the invader and realize that can’t do nothing but surrender. That reminds me the new version of “Psycho”, which excites me very much, despite the blood and death. The girls should never die. I imagine a different version of Psycho, showing belly punches instead of stabbings, and a sexy sweet faint, instead of a death.$_32.JPG

    Many amateurs have done remakes of the famous shower scene from Psycho, but the best of all is Anne Heche’s pleasure face while she passes out, slidding down the wall:

    How in the world a deadly stabbed girl would look so sexy like that?! Impossible! This is the face of a horny girl, not a face of a moribund one:

    A “blue erotic dream” wet and nice. Disturbs me the sick mind of Hitchcock who spoiled the oppostunity to make a delicious erotic scene and, instead, made a horror scene. To associate death with eroticism is something awfully sick indeed:

    Anne Heche looks so sensual, so avid to faint and show her ass hole as she were about to do! To keep my erection, I always try to remember that the actress is alive and unspoiled here.

    Her sweet blue eyes, her perfect lips… Oh! Why she had to look so damn sexy in a death scene?!

  3. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    And Kayla did it again, in “Beat Up in Shower”! She seems to love the shower fantasy:

    First, the damsel see the invader. Her heart beats speeds up, she pants, she trembles, her clit gets hard…

    Then, she gets beated and relax, enjoying herself:

    See how the princess loves to play her role… Pure ecstasy!

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