Review of Ranger Lisa vs Evil Mackenzi

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRanger Lisa vs Evil Mackenzi – 18.5 mins

Ranger Lisa enters the compound of Evil Mackenzi with plans to defeat her and take her in. But it becomes immediately obvious that Evil Mackenzi is too tough for the blond ranger! Lisa is easily rendered unconscious by Mackenzi in several ways, including a triple pressure point KO, a bearhug KO, a sleeper hold KO, and a tight side head scissor KO. Evil Mackenzi rolls the blond out of the ring and carries her off to a more private location to sleep it off. We cut to the villain’s bedroom where Lisa wakes up only to find herself getting destroyed with belly punches, a reverse figure four head scissor, a heavy handed massage ending with a shoulder pinch KO, a cobra clutch KO, another sleeper KO, a headlock choke KO, and a final brain claw that finishes the beautiful Ranger Lisa off. Evil Mackenzi poses victorious over her prey as we fade out hoping for a rematch! Enjoy!

This video was better than I expected and I expected to be pretty good, as it was clearly full of KOs, but there is something about getting some really nice close up of a lovely lady off in slumber land. Which is something that happened a lot in the video, but wasn’t mentioned in the description. We do get a bunch of lovely close ups of Lisa and that really ways a big part of this video for me. I just love getting a good look a Lisa KO’d. I also loved that there were so many KOs, giving more opportunities for another look at Lisa. I like the KO methods uses, some wrestling, some just simple pinches or chokes, but all of them put Lisa out cold, fairly quick and easy. Now, I don’t like bodysuits, but I do have to give some credit for this being power ranger suit. That nostalgia point hits me too, so I can’t hate it as much as I want to, but still anything, expect a karate gi would have been sexier. That begin said, Mackenzi outfit was sexy as hell, and counters Lisa’s a bit. Overall, Lisa and Mackenzi both did great, I really liked Lisa playing the jobber role, loved how many KOs I got from this and again, loved all those close ups.

Overall Score: 9/10