Review of Randy’s Fight Club 2

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Review of Randy Moore’s Fetish FantasiesRandy’s Fight Club 2 – 12 Mins

RandyRandy has a new challenger… Kym. And Kym proves to be a dirty fighter, catching the unprepared Randy with a right cross and dropping her! Then poor Randy takes a real beating… face punches, tit punches, belly punches, crotch kicks and stomps. Kym uses every weapon in her arsenal of dirty fighting and things look pretty bleak for Randy… whose getting stripped down as the beating goes on. Finally, just when it seems hopeless, Randy mounts a comeback, and puts a beat down on Kym and strips her down in the process. Of course only one can win. But watching naked chicks brawling… priceless!

Here’s a review brought to you by request, I’ve done 2 more from these series and they’re all really good, this one follows suit and is really good as well. I love Kym’s dirty fighting tactics, lots of low blows and crotch grabbing. Randy sells that so good, as well being really weak and punch drunk and getting knocked out a couple of times. I like that Kym was winning for most of the vid since Randy sell so good. Kym doesn’t get off scot free as she gets some beatdown to and a couple of good knockouts. Also both girls gets stripped down throughout the fight, which is also a good thing. Randy does come out on top in the end, choking out Kym with her own panties. Overall it’s a really nice fight, nice punch drunk reactions, good KOs and some stripping.

Overall Score: 8.5/10