Review of Raise My Hand!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsRaise My Hand! – 11 mins

This fast paced, exciting pro style wrestling match pits Becca against the visiting Ryan. Ryan suggests that the loser of each fall must raise the hand of the winner and the match begins. They lock up aggressively and Becca shows her experience by using a wrist lock, hammer lock, chop to the chest, corner work, a body slam, and a figure four leg lock. The first round goes to our blond star as Ryan is forced to raise her hand. Round two begins with Becca in charge again but Ryan soon turns the tables and works her over with a snap mare, a body scissors, a monkey flip, and a school girl pin to take the round and get her own hand raised in victory. With the score tied the girls go back at it with more lock ups, some hair pulling, a single leg crab, more snap mares, an impressive stump puller, forearms to the chest, a knee choke on the mat, some pin attempts, and a final standing head scissor with a submission necktie (a new move supplied by the custom creator). In the end one beauty stands in the middle of the ring looking victorious and waiting for the obvious hand raise …. fade out. We enjoyed filming this video and you’ll enjoy watching it!

This is another one of those matches that doesn’t have any KOs, but I still really enjoyed. The pacing of this match is probably one of the major reasons why I really liked it. Both Becca and Ryan really do a good job of keeping the match moving at a pretty high rate, yet still looking really smooth. The moves used really fit the pace of this match and give it a unique style. Most of the moves you’ve seen at FWR before, but a few of them really stood out to me, the stump puller looks amazing and the final standing head scissors with a necktie, was really cool and almost caused a KO. I love the hand raising thing, just a little add humiliation is great and the frustrated looks on the losers faces made it even better. And for as subtle of a difference as it really is, the wrestling shoes make a pretty big impact for me, it’s just something we don’t see often and I really liked that. Overall, I got to say great job all around, from the custom writer, to the girls, to Rick, this was a really enjoyable video, even without KOs, and you guys know that means a lot coming from me.

Overall Score: 8.5/10