Review of Rage Consumes Her

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubRage Consumes Her – 15 mins

Cali is explaining the details of an upcoming script with Keri and Terra, when Keri has a sudden outburst, exclaiming that she’s not about to lose in a video to Terra. Cali however is not in the mood for Keri’s nonsense, snapping back at Keri, challenging her to a boxing match. Keri, just full of herself, quickly accepts, thinking that she’ll be able to dominate the much smaller Cali. Unfortunately for Keri, Cali is way too fast and much stronger there Keri could have ever imagined. Cali is able to duck out of the way and return fire, quickly wearing Keri down. Terra was told to watch on from just off camera until Cali demands that Terra coming in and remove Keri’s top, which she does. Cali finishes her off soon after, bringing her down to her knees and forcibly rubbing Keri’s pussy, until she cums, then tosses her aside. Terra, who’s pretty much just been a bystander through most of this ordeal, hopes to stay that way, but Cali is just too fired up now, removing Keri’s gloves and giving them to Terra she demands that Terra get ready to fight. Terra does as she’s told, but still tries to talk her way out of it. Again, Cali is having none of it and begins to fight. Terra fared a little bit better then Keri, as she was able to land a few punches and even daze Cali a little bit, but it wasn’t enough. Cali powers on and eventually finishes Terra in the very same manner as she did Keri, removing Terra’s top and forcing her to orgasm. Cali isn’t quit done just yet, she drags both Keri and Terra back in, pushes them against the wall and “asks” for a victory kiss from both of them, she gets her kisses. As she leaves she tells the two beaten models to make sure they clean up this mess or they’ll get it even worse next time.

If you ever needed a reminder about Cali’s mean side, this is it. They say dynamite comes in small packages, well, Cali’s here to prove the old adage right. Cali goes on a complete rampage after getting some back talk from Keri and poor Terra pretty much got a beating for just being there, although she did talk a little tough before Cali took complete control of that section of the video. I liked the overall concept of this video. I’m a big fan of boxing video and this one really give us some great punches to the head and body, with some nice dazed reactions and some KOs. I felt like the whole forced orgasm thing seem unnecessary, it was brief and not a major point of the video, but it also didn’t feel like that would be something Cali would do, in the mood she was in. So to me it was kind of out of place. I also didn’t like that Cali and Keri were boxing in flop flops, that just felt kind of weird too. But the toplessness was a nice plus. I do wish we got a few more shots of Keri laid out, or it ended with both Keri and Terra laid out. But again, the boxing action was solid and a love how pissed off and fired up Cali was, that made her being able to take down two bigger opponents make sense. So Overall there were few small things I didn’t like, but seeing Keri and Terra catch a beating is something I definitely enjoyed.

Overall Score: 8.5/10