Review of Rachel Rose in Sleepy avenger

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Review of Limp and MineRachel Rose in Sleepy avenger – 16 Mins

roseDetermined to recuperate a very rare and expensive crystal from a known villain, our beautiful avenger breaks into his house and sure enough, she finds what she was looking for. Unfortunately (for her) she had been spotted by the villain who decides to knock her out so that he can have some fun with his helplessly limp victim. The second she feels the bat hitting her head, her eyes roll back and she goes right out. Enjoy a very hot limp/sleepy segment. This clip is all about our sleepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out cold. Our villain take his time while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoe, feet and more.

A very nice limp play video here, from a production I don’t really know, staring a lovely girl, who I’ve never seen before. I was told to check these guys out time and time again, and finally grabbed this one, with a slight superheroine theme. This one starts out in third person for the initial KO, then goes to first person POV for the rest. I really liked the limp play her as Rachel Rose is pretty quickly stripped of her superheroine suit and is then rolled around, picked up slightly, then dropped and groped pretty heavily. Rachel stays out from the first KO almost for the entire vid, but wakes up near the end only to be quickly KO’d again. I do like that he only took of one boot, which was the “clothing” she had left on, because I’m a fan of the boots, but don’t mind some bare feet and this was kind of a silly way of getting both. Overall, I’m very happy with this vid, it’s a lot like a GirlsGettingSleepy vid, but the limp play is better and I guess the blatant, literally in your face, sexuality makes this a little better than your average GGS.

Overall Score: 9/10