Review of Queen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled

Review of DefeatedQueen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled – 17.5 Mins

Elizabeth is in front of the camera bragging about how no one can beat her and showing off her amazing body. She calls herself “Queen Elizabeth” explaining that she’s never lost a match no matter what they do because she’s so strong and ever one else is shit. Stella sneaks in behind her and hits her with a low blow uppercut. Elizabeth drops to her knees then Stella chokes her out with a sleeperhold. Elizabeth struggles, but slowly gets KO’s. Stella lets Elizabeth go and she falls down face first with her butt in the air. Elizabeth is out cold and Stella ragdolls Elizabeth using a lot of chokes, belly punches, low blows and scissors that make Elizabeth’s eyes roll and make her body twitch and convulse. Stella cracks jokes about Elizabeth being a loser and how she’s made a new dance while Elizabeth is twitching uncontrollably. After a sometime of torment and punishment, Stella pins Elizabeth for a 10 count. However, Stella isn’t done just yet, Stella starts to kick and punch Elizabeth in the belly and crotch furiously, casing even more twitching from “Queen Elizabeth. A final sleeperhold is used on Elizabeth who can only twitch and roll her eyes, she even drools from the tight sleeperhold. Stella pins Elizabeth again for another 10 count. Stella then poses over the beaten Elizabeth saying “you just got destroyed by a jobber, you’re not as tough as you think you are!” Elizabeth is left twitching on bed. Soon Elizabeth slowly wakes up, struggling to sit up, “what happened?” is all she can utter before she goes out again, face down with her butt in the air.

Got more Defeated action for you guys and this one is a jaw dropper, not only because it’s my custom, but also because I totally flip the common script and this time Stella is the bad ass heel, while Elizabeth plays the devastated ragdoll. Now, as much as I love Stella playing the jobber, we all know Elizabeth has been showing that she has some serious jobber skills and after this one I can assure you that Stella has some real serious competition for being the best jobber at Defeated. Elizabeth comes through with an outstanding performance with some amazing over the top selling. Elizabeth twitches out of control, even looking like she’s so close to consciousness when she gets punched or choked but just can’t quite wake up. She also twitches like a mad-woman in the pins as well. It really looks amazing. Stella gives us some really great trash talk the whole time, making fun of Elizabeth and her twitching, and I really love that Stella calls herself a jobber when saying “you just got destroyed by a jobber” at the end. Another thing I love is what Elizabeth is wearing, as her breast don’t fit in her top very well and immediately pop out and stay out for the whole video, which of course Stella makes fun of as well. This is, by quite a noticeable margin, my new favorite Defeated video, with my only complaint being, I wish it was longer, I could watch Stella trash talk and ragdoll the sexy and twitchy Elizabeth for hours I’m sure. I will definitely be having these two do battle again, maybe Stella will lose this time, maybe not, or maybe someone will come in and destroy them both, who knows. But I can tell you, this is a video you guys don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 10/10