Review of Queen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled

Review of DefeatedQueen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled – 17.5 Mins

Elizabeth is in front of the camera bragging about how no one can beat her and showing off her amazing body. She calls herself “Queen Elizabeth” explaining that she’s never lost a match no matter what they do because she’s so strong and ever one else is shit. Stella sneaks in behind her and hits her with a low blow uppercut. Elizabeth drops to her knees then Stella chokes her out with a sleeperhold. Elizabeth struggles, but slowly gets KO’s. Stella lets Elizabeth go and she falls down face first with her butt in the air. Elizabeth is out cold and Stella ragdolls Elizabeth using a lot of chokes, belly punches, low blows and scissors that make Elizabeth’s eyes roll and make her body twitch and convulse. Stella cracks jokes about Elizabeth being a loser and how she’s made a new dance while Elizabeth is twitching uncontrollably. After a sometime of torment and punishment, Stella pins Elizabeth for a 10 count. However, Stella isn’t done just yet, Stella starts to kick and punch Elizabeth in the belly and crotch furiously, casing even more twitching from “Queen Elizabeth. A final sleeperhold is used on Elizabeth who can only twitch and roll her eyes, she even drools from the tight sleeperhold. Stella pins Elizabeth again for another 10 count. Stella then poses over the beaten Elizabeth saying “you just got destroyed by a jobber, you’re not as tough as you think you are!” Elizabeth is left twitching on bed. Soon Elizabeth slowly wakes up, struggling to sit up, “what happened?” is all she can utter before she goes out again, face down with her butt in the air.

Got more Defeated action for you guys and this one is a jaw dropper, not only because it’s my custom, but also because I totally flip the common script and this time Stella is the bad ass heel, while Elizabeth plays the devastated ragdoll. Now, as much as I love Stella playing the jobber, we all know Elizabeth has been showing that she has some serious jobber skills and after this one I can assure you that Stella has some real serious competition for being the best jobber at Defeated. Elizabeth comes through with an outstanding performance with some amazing over the top selling. Elizabeth twitches out of control, even looking like she’s so close to consciousness when she gets punched or choked but just can’t quite wake up. She also twitches like a mad-woman in the pins as well. It really looks amazing. Stella gives us some really great trash talk the whole time, making fun of Elizabeth and her twitching, and I really love that Stella calls herself a jobber when saying “you just got destroyed by a jobber” at the end. Another thing I love is what Elizabeth is wearing, as her breast don’t fit in her top very well and immediately pop out and stay out for the whole video, which of course Stella makes fun of as well. This is, by quite a noticeable margin, my new favorite Defeated video, with my only complaint being, I wish it was longer, I could watch Stella trash talk and ragdoll the sexy and twitchy Elizabeth for hours I’m sure. I will definitely be having these two do battle again, maybe Stella will lose this time, maybe not, or maybe someone will come in and destroy them both, who knows. But I can tell you, this is a video you guys don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 10/10

  • This is a fantastic video! To see Elizabeth defeated again is such a treat! My favorite part of course is when Queen Elizabeth takes the belly punishment! Elizabeth looks absolutely stunning in her attire as well! Thanks posting..

  • OH! I AM TREMBLING AND PANTING YET! Maybe both girls lough at us and asks, in the undertone: “Perché gli uomini sono così stupidi?!” :O Sorry, girls! We are just idiots with a crazy fetish. But this is a delicious fetish. Delicious, harmless, safe and not degrading like porn. Simple things like your wonderful bodies twitching like that is so delicious to see! Forgive our stupidity, but you just have that power: if you only do that, dressed this way, you make men crazy! Alas the miserable idiots we are!

    Alan, I also would love it to be longer! But, no doubt, this one almost killed me! When I realized that Elizabeth would be defeated again and when I saw what she were wearing… I almost lost my conscience! Her pussy is realy white, 100% bald and delicious as I always dreamed! Lucky is the son of a bitch who can taste that sweet, licking and sucking it till she have spams! But I would like to see more of that, and closer. I loved it to be in a comfortable bed, where they can drop their delicate bodies, without risk of injuries. When the ground is soft, the wrestlers tend to be bolder.

    Now… About boldness… Is it just me, or It seems that Elizabeth suddenly became timid since the first day when her undefeated reign of terror ended!!!… And the camera seems to be timid as well now!!!… I have seen great close-ups of those wonderful faces, but why is it so stuck and distant from the girls’ bodies?! Look at those beauties! Just look! Oh that would be so fantastic to see more close-ups of their sculptural asses, their crotches… Please, show their pussies wide open when they are fainting! Imagine Elizabeth, with those fantastic legs wide open, lifting her hips in the air, as she is sleeper holded, showing her pussy, with pleasure, showing that unbelievable butt, with disembarrassement and pride!… She have no reason to feel ashamed as every single inch of her body is perfect to the point of making us cry in commotion!

    The camera should show it in all possible positions.

    I think her original hair color must be black. If it is black… Damn! The contrast black hair/pale skin must be stunning! I would love to see this creature before she become a Gothic vampire!

    Victory makes her look so wonderful and healthy!

    Her smile is pure pleasure. The predator have her succulent prey just for her. Godere la tua vendetta, Stella! Make she cum as you embrace her body with your powerful legs!

    I almost kissed my screen!

    As you can see, the tatoo shows through the panty, but there is nothing dark in her delta of Venus! She must show this delicious sweet shamelessly!

    This beauty gives me will to cry! She can’t be human! Maybe she is one of those elvish ladies from Tolkien’s Middle Earth!

    That deserved a slow motion replay, a closer view and many different angles! After some seconds, would be great if she relax her legs and slowly open it as her hips slide down till her pussy touch the bed… Wow! Just see that in your mind!!! 😮 Would be terrific!

    • I like how your comments make me look at things I didn’t before, the natural hair color growing in, the tattoo through the panties, just how happy Stella really looks, and so one. Man, I’d really love to see what your custom would look like. Maybe you could write something for one of these to beauties to perform for you and I could show it to the owner and see if he’d be willing to help make it a reality for you. Some much detail, it would be fantastic and so damn sexy I know it. What do you say, willing to take the time to make a script one the chance it might not happen? Or maybe it would be so good, I would have to make it happen.

      • Sounds fantastic to me!!! 😀 I will imagine something. Wow!!! That would be great!!! Thank you so much!

        • Do it up and I’ll see if I can talk him into it. No problems, unless I like it enough to pay for it myself.

      • Ahh I slightly do remember that show. I think that’s decent premise to start. You’re going to have to add a lot more detail before it’s ready to be a custom, but I imagine you’ve been thinking of that already. Elizabeth well sell it extremely well for you too so just go ahead and start getting you details on paper. Show it to me if you’d like but I’m sure whatever kind of punishment you come up with Elizabeth will be ready and willing to make it happen for you.

        • You have no idea how accurate I am, buddy! Since you gave me that opportunity, I am even thinking about a storyboard, with sletches showind bodie positions and camera movements! 🙂 But I have to think in something very special. Different from other videos we know… But it also must be easy to do and not expensive for them…

          • Oops! I mean “sketches”, not “sletches”! :p

        • Oh! Sorry! I thought you were talking to me! But you replied Warren’s post!

          • hahaha no worries, still, just looking forward to what you come up with.

        • Thanks for the feedback Supa Mark.

  • Hello Supa Mark.. I was wondering of your insight of the custom that I have in mind. It will be a belly domination custom of Elizabeth.

    I was curious to know if you recall the tv series Get A Life featuring Chris Elliott? Well, there was a episode entitled Married where Chris got married and divorced in a day. Well, there is a scene in the show where the wife of Chris catches him having an affair. Upon catching them she decides to give the mistress a beat down. She corners the mistress and delivers a mean uppercut into her belly; leaving the mistress doubled over and done! I think that this is one of the most erotic things that I have scene in a sitcom and imagine of a custom that could react this!

    Here is the link if you care to watch..

    Chris’s encounter with the mistress starts at 14:05 and the beat down of the sweet seductive mistress starts at 16:13. I imagine scripting a custom for Elizabeth around this idea but of course make it much more creative and exciting! I would really like to know what you think of this idea. Thanks for your time.

  • Elizabeth in Vimeo:

  • Dude…

    This is everything I ever wanted…

  • First off let me say amazing video haha. I had been checking into the site since your awards video turned me on to it and was thinking of possibly doing a custom featuring Elisabeth getting destroyed. This video just about sealed the deal haha just gotta work out pricing time frame etc and choose between 2-3 story boards I have in mind. Will update on it more as more is known and discussed about it. Back to this video however. It’s great overall period and I especially love the gurgling/drooling in this. Done perfectly. Also idk if it was intentional or not or even if maybe i’m imagining it but during the chokes Elisabeths face even looks a little red/strained which I find great, amazing acting!

    • First welcome, of course i know we talked a bunch on the awards video, but welcome nonetheless. I’m glad you enjoyed this vid and even happier to hear it help you decide to get one of your own, which i know i can’t wait to see what you come up with. Elizabeth killed it in this video and i know she’ll do the same for you. I think Elizabeth was selling this so hard that she just happened to get a little red in the face, may not have been totally on purpose, but makes the video a little better indeed.

  • WHAAAAAAAT’s UP Supa Mark??
    Been a while since I commented on anything, but I have been visiting the site daily, rest assured.
    I just bought this video and absolutely fell in love with Elizabeth and her jobbing abilities. Her outfit was AMAZING, which is always an important aspect in any jobber role.
    Also, was it just me, or did it seem like Elizabeth really, REALLY enjoyed being pinned lol.
    Really liking where Defeated is heading. Maybe they’ll give your boy, SKW, a run for his money 😉

    • it has been a while, it’s good to hear from you and glad you loved the vid. I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’re right, If Defeated stays on this path, they can really be some competition for SKW & FWR. In fact I think they already are. One think is for sure, competition is good for all of us, because it will make them all make better videos. Not sure how it can get much better then this, but I know SKW and FWR always continues to improve and no doubt Defeated will as well. The future of this business surely is bright.