Review of Queen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled… Again?

Review of DefeatedQueen Elizabeth KO’d and ragdolled… Again? – 46 mins

We’ve been here before, but every time we see The Queen Elizabeth facing off against Stella we know that literally anything is possible and it’s going to be something you definitely don’t want to miss. This battle, in short, lives up to that legacy. After a brief period of trash talking these two get right down to business and right away you can tell that they aren’t holding anything back and they are both going for the throat. What follows is a hard fought battle that could have gone either way, with lots of close calls and near KOs, but neither Elizabeth nor Stella can finish the job. Finally, The Queen gets an advantage as she’s managed to injury Stella’s back, keeping her grounded. Of course Elizabeth starts to get cocky thinking she’s got the win well in hand, but Stella isn’t about to go down that easy, at least not this time. Stella manages to wrangle Elizabeth to the mats and lock in a sleeper hold, a sleeper hold that Stella holds on to for dear life, knowing that if Elizabeth breaks free she’ll be done for. Lucky enough for Stella this desperate plan actually works and The Queen goes out like a light. This gives Stella a chance to nurse her aching back and marks the beginning of the end for Elizabeth. From here on out Stella is in complete control and Elizabeth is mostly a twitching, drooling ragdoll, but Stella takes plenty of time to ragdoll and torture The Queen, deeply rubbing in her victory. After many, many long and torturous minutes Stella leaves her defeated and humiliated foe on mats. We know it’s a little bit shocking to say this, but it seems Stella has pulled one over on Queen Elizabeth, fair and square, no cheating or anything… That’s got to be a first, but is definitely something you need to see to believe.

Back with more Defeated content for you guys and finally the day has come, that we have a video with Defeated’s undisputed greatest talents, Stella and Elizabeth. I have prayed for this day for so long, I even lost hope a few times, but finally I can rejoice as they are back and doing their damn thing again. This video gets right down to business too, there very little trash talk before the action gets started. Once the action is underway it should become very clear why I feel these ladies are the best Defeated has to offer. They look like they are trying to kill each other. The first half of the video is very back and forth, but whoever is on the losing end at any moment sells it like it’s almost over for them. No one sells like they can. I loved the back injury thing that gave Elizabeth the advantage for a bit and the leg injury thing that got Stella back in the fight. I think that injury idea is something they can grow in something bigger and better. After that comes the best part of the vid and that is of course when Elizabeth gets knocked out and becomes Stella’s ragdoll for the remainder of the video. Even though I only mention it briefly here, it’s last almost half the video and is just as great as it always is whenever Stella or Elizabeth gets ragdolled. I am so happy that not only did I get to see Elizabeth and Stella in action again, but that action comes with some lovely OTT ragdoll action. That’s a return done right and hopefully I won’t have to pray so much and wait so long before I see these two amazing talents again.

Overall Score: 9.9/10