Review of Puts your lights out, like Magic

Review of Defeated Puts your lights out, like Magic – 23.5 mins

Gina, another new roster member is chilling on the couch when Amirah walks in. She’s got some kind of device in her hand. Amirah says it’s a magic thing, but she’s not sure how to work it, or exactly what it does. Curiously, the ladies poke themselves and each other with the device trying to figure out what it does. Eventually Gina brushes the device across Amirah’s belly and it gives her a nice shock. Gina sticks Amirah in the gut again with it and it shocks her again. Amirah gets a little heated about being shocked like that, snatching the device from Gina, saying, let me do that to you and sticking her with it. Of course it shocks Gina too, but Amirah keeps it pressed against her skin until she goes out, twitching a bit. Amirah is impressed with that the device can do and plans to have much more fun with Gina, poking her with it again to wake her up. However, Gina fights back taking it from Amirah and letter her get a taste of what it’s like. From here on the ladies battle back and forth for control of the device, sometimes using a few wrestling holds to hold the other down. There’s plenty of KOs and playing possum until finally Amirah can take no more. Gina stands tall over the defeated foe and she has a special victory pose planned, as she sticks the device in Amirah’s bikini bottoms and then presses her foot against it, causing it to shock Amirah while Gina stands proud.

Got another Defeated review for you guys and this one is a little crazy. Amirah and Gina go at it again, but this is not regular wrestling match, instead the two ladies take turns shocking the crap out of each other with some kind of torture device, that only works when pressed against their stomachs. We’ve actually seen a match kind of like this before, but it was one sided, way back in the day, Stella dominated Valerie in a similar way. This one is definitely not one sided, although a few times it seemed like one of the girls was going to have control for the rest of the match, but they didn’t. The thing I really loved about this one is that this device makes the girls twitch like crazy and then pass out. So I got a ton of twitching and lots of KOs. There wasn’t really any exhaustion or anything, so the KO didn’t seem to have any effect on the girls, once awake they were back to full strength, but I guess that’s where the magic comes in. Doesn’t really matter though, the twitching and the KOs where more than enough to make me a happy camper, also the micro bikinis, they help too. There were some wrestling moves in here and few belly punches, but most of the action came from that device, which by the way, if any one wants to drop a comment and tell me what they think that thing actually is, I’d love to know. Someone said it’s a vibrator, another one side it’s a vape, I on the other hand am clueless and have no idea what it is. Anyway, great video, lovely selling, Amirah and Gina are great and this is a kind of silly video with tons of twitching and KOs, what’s not to love about that?

Overall Score: 9/10