Review of Punching Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPunching Peyton – 10 mins

You enter the ring watching the beautiful girl shadow boxing and warming up in her corner. She’s cute but looks like she can throw a punch. She mocks you as you go to your corner, saying that this will be “too easy!” The bell rings and she begins throwing hard punches … and you block them all! Then your boxing gloves begin to connect to her pretty face as she realizes that she’s in for a rough time against you! You destroy the beautiful brunette for three rounds and drop her to the mat 12 times before she’s so punch-drunk that your final flurry of punches end the match. We’re SURE that you’ll love beating Peyton in a boxing match!

I been telling you guys just how much I have been loving POV boxing matches lately and I got another great one her as the lovely Peyton gets completely clobbered in this one. Peyton does get to win some of these POV boxing matches every now and then, but she is certainly seeming to lose them more often than not, which is great news for me. This one is especially great for two reasons. One is there are a ton of knockdowns in this one, Peyton is hitting the mats over and over in this one, but always manages to make it back to her feet. Well, except for that last time. I love boxing matches with lots of knockdowns, it adds that struggling aspect to the match, which I think is great to have in these vids. It’s a well-known fact at this point just how great a jobber Peyton is, so I don’t need to tell you that she sold this match excellently. The other great thing I love about this one is of course, Peyton is wearing converse boots. You pretty much never see the girls wearing boots in these POV matches, unless yours truly makes it happen. So, it was a nice plus to see Peyton donning the boots in this one. I loved is video and really hope we keep seeing great POV matches like this. Boots optional, but strongly recommended.

Overall Score: 9.5/10