Review of Punching Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPunching Becca – 14 mins

Tori wants to get even with Becca for when she humiliated her in a wrestling match so she sets up a boxing match. Becca is SUPER confident and offers Tori the classic free punch … and gets her bell rung right away! The remainder of the match features a groggy, dazed, cross-eyed, punch drunk Becca being pummeled all around the ring. She’s positioned in creative rope positions to be punched out, and “butt-punched” after dropping with her butt in the air! Tori plays with Becca by saying “ding, ding!” to create several rounds and at one point has the groggy girl raise her hand in victory only to punch her in the belly saying, “just kidding!” The poor blond is finally plowed in the face with a lengthy speedbag facial, given a quick smootch on the lips, and posed over by the victorious Tori. Don’t miss this one!

Any boxing clip with Becca getting knocked all over the ring, being groggy, silly and repeatedly knocked out is an automatic win for me. Add in that this match is mirrored after “Punching Persephone” makes this one even better. I can’t help but compare Becca’s version to Persephone’s, since it does seem to use the same script. I can’t lie to you guys, Becca’s is just better, in every way except one, which I’ll get to in a min. But of course Becca’s is better, Becca has been doing this forever and is FWR’s #1 fan favorite because she is just amazing in every single role she does. So it’s not really a boast for Becca, or and shot at Persephone, it’s just how it is. I loved every minute of this one, just like I did with Persephone. This script is excellent and checks all my boxes for boxing match likes, with multiple KOs, lots of exhaustion, punch drunkenness and being generally silly and lighthearted. The only part that I think Persephone did better, was that “my face hurts” thing. Becca said it like she was almost making a demand, while Persephone said it like she had no idea why her face hurt and was confused that it did. So in my opinion that’s a win for Persephone, as small win, but a win. Overall, I’m just saying, if you liked Persephone’s vid, that you’ll love Becca in this one.

Overall Score: 9.9/10