Review of Punches Galore

Review of JinxFilmsPunches Galore – 15 mins

Jinx is practicing for an upcoming boxing match when a curious fan approaches her. She greets him with a welcoming “hello” and invites him to help her practice her boxing skills for one round. He agrees to help her. The two go back and forth for a bit when the fan takes it a too far by punching her really hard in the stomach. She doubles over and groans in pain, but quickly gathers herself as she didn’t want to seem weak to the fan. They both continue to box each other when he takes it too far again and punches her in the cunt. “That was a low blow!” she yells as she grabs on to her crotch in pain. The fan ignores her cries and punches her in the chest. “You’re doing too much!” She cries and she grabs her boobs wallowing in pain. The fan, unaffected by Jinx’s cries, continues to relinquish powerful punches, alternating between her face, chest and pussy.

Here’s another video that one of you guys pointed out to me, knowing how much I love POV boxing videos. I haven’t paid much attention to Jinx’s production, even though I know she’s been doing it for a while, but I was pleased to find a good handful of videos that are kind of like this, with her getting beat up POV style. Jinx, of SKW fame, has been a quiet favorite of mine for the longest time and it was great to see her doing POV boxing where she ends up on the losing side. I enjoyed this video, Jinx gives us a great performance and her reactions to the punches gets better and better as the match goes one and she gets closer to the final KO. The only thing I would have liked to see in the video was a few knockdowns before the final KO, which I believe gets addressed in her “rematch” video. I’ll definitely be covering that video in the near future. Overall, this is a solid POV boxing beatdown, with some dirty tactics used to take down this lovely jobber.

Overall Score: 8.5/10