Review of Prove Yourself

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Prove Yourself – 10 mins

Peyton doesn’t like new girls so when she found out about the new girl Lisa she challenged her to a taped fist fight. Lisa, who is nearly equal to Peyton in height and weight, eagerly accepted even though she knew that Peyton was a dangerous fighter who enjoys pounding girls with her fists. Peyton simply tells Lisa at the beginning that if she wants to be a fem fighter she’s got to prove herself. The fists go up and punches begin! They pound away at each other with the advantage changing several times. At one point the fight spills out of the ring as Peyton works over the new girl against the wall. When they return to the roped in battleground Lisa gains the final advantage and clearly proves herself to a tired and groggy Peyton with a hard knockout uppercut.

You’ve got to be careful nowadays asking Peyton to prove anything, as Becca well knows, but luckily for Lisa Peyton was the one asking the question this time. It’s a little funny that when I reviewed “Introducing Lisa” I mentioned that I felt like she was about Peyton’s size, or had a body type like Peyton and now we get to see just how right I was, I love when things like that happen. Anyway, as much as I’d love the see Peyton continuing to “prove herself”, this one is a very fair and even battle, giving us plenty of seeing these lovely ladies on both sides of the action, with Peyton ending up out cold in the end, which I also love to see. I think Lisa did a wonderful job in this one, being the rookie, we all keep a close eye on their performances and from this, I feel Lisa has a bright future. Also, Peyton is stellar, as always and Rick definitely knows how to make great fist fighting/boxing vids, but of course is much to humble to brag about, but those facts also help in making Lisa look great. So pretty simply put, if you agree with me about Rick making great fist fighting vids, then you’ll know this vid will be great too. Guy’s just got a knack for this stuff.

Overall Score: 9/10