Review of Property of the Queen

Review of Fem Wresting RoomsProperty of the Queen – 27.5 mins

Becca and Peyton give us another EPIC wrestling video that will decide the true FWR champion! In a five round match, your favorite FWR wrestlers attack each other and when a knockout / 10 count happens, the winner of that round strips an article of clothing off of the unconscious loser! The winner of the full match gets the losers bikini! Each knockout includes eye rolling, some tongues hanging out, a little twitching, and the ultimate humiliation of the knockout being sealed with a little kiss. The beauties attack each other with more wrestling holds than we can list here but the action is fast and furious as Peyton and Becca bring the pain to each other! Assuming that some of you would want Becca to win and some would want Peyton to win this custom video gives you TWO different endings! The girls defeat each other, tie them up with their socks, and write on their bodies with lipstick declaring them their “bitch” and “Property of the Queen” — sealed with a kiss on the butt cheek. And we think you’ll love the ending! Don’t miss it!

Becca and Peyton are at it again and really, I could stop right here, because you guys should already know that’s reason enough to go check out this video. Nonetheless, I’ll carry on. This one seems to be a continuation of another one of the battles that Peyton and Becca have had, as Becca starts out by complaining about how Peyton beat her last time. This is one of those KOs and stripping matches, with some OTT reactions as well, which is definitely one of the best ways to get a Peyton vs Becca video. The OTT reactions aren’t super intense, but they are there, so it counts for me. The action starts with them both fully dressed, but that doesn’t last long as the KOs start piling up and the clothes start flying off. The KOs aren’t spread too far apart and that keeps the action at a pretty good pace. Before you know it they both down to just their long socks and bikinis. Then Becca gets finished off and you don’t need me to tell you how great that is. Peyton takes great pride in humiliating Becca by tying her up, victory posing over her, writing on her with lipstick and finally carrying her off the dressing room to strip her of that bikini. It’s almost as much humiliation as it is wrestling and it gets better as all that humiliation is repeated, but the other way around as Becca gets the win and Peyton being humiliated in an alternate ending, which was definitely a huge plus for this video. Overall, this is Becca and Peyton again putting on one hell of a show for us. They are two of the best in the business and it’s always a gift for us to see them in action together.

Overall Score: 9.5/10