Review of Pro-Am Wrestling: Kat vs Mindy

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPro-Am Wrestling: Kat vs Mindy – 10 mins

Several months back when we had a large multi-girl shoot there was a lull in the action so Kat and Mindy agreed to jump into the ring for a quick wrestling match. Kat, dressed in a tiny bikini, takes her corner in the ring to battle Mindy who is dressed in a one-piece suit. The rules are given: One fall to a knockout and ten-count pin. The bell rings and the ladies circle. Kat moves quick and puts Mindy in a tight head lock, then snap mares her to the mat. Kat is confident as she pulls Mindy’s head into her thighs for a scissor session that has the taller girl wincing in pain. But when the lovely Kat pulls Mindy up by the hair, Mindy attacks! Poor Kat is subjected to several tight scissor holds as we bring the camera in close to see her sweet face nearly engulfed by Mindy’s thick thighs! The action isn’t fast or furious but we think you’ll enjoy the contrast between the rather submissive Kat and the methodical attacks by Mindy. A final reverse figure four head scissor puts poor Kat into dreamland as Mindy gets a 10 count cross body pin and a sexy school girl victory pose!

This vid feels like a nice throw back vid, even though it was shot not long ago. The only thing that is really difference in this vid compared to others is that pacing is slowed down and there’s not much dialog. I didn’t really know just doing that to a match like this would make me feel so nostalgic, but this did. So in this one the holds are held a little longer then you would normally see. Kat’s selling is a bit toned down, but not in a bad way as Kat does a great job selling this. I actually liked this slowed pace this time, although I wouldn’t hope for this to be the new norm, I do think it worked well here. I also like that this one was mostly one sided, as I also love a squash match and Kat is a good jobber. I think if you guys like the older vids, I think you guys will feel nostalgic like I did.

Overall Score: 8/10