Review of Pretty Pink Jobber!

Review of Modest Mom’s WrestlingPretty Pink Jobber! – 9.5 mins

Athena Humiliated by Sugar. A beating of epic magnitude. Love seeing a BBW destroy a petite jobber in pink? Prepare to see your favorite video! Sugar decimates Athena with chokes, slams, spanks, wedgies, hair pulling, camel clutches, fish hook, nerve holds, skull crusher, sleeper hold, ass slaps, punches and kicks, low blows, rope work, corner work, eye gouges, nose hooks, face claw, lifting choke, and much, MUCH more! Athena is knocked down from so called “bad girl” to a pathetic, twitching, eye rolling, begging, whining, pile of jobber waste! So much for thinking you’re a badass Athena, you certainly don’t appear so tough, limp, and dominated, under Sugars bare feet as she flexes above your defeated body!

If there is one thing that I am constantly looking for it is squash matches, man do I love a good squash and MMW loves doing these old school style squashes, in fact have pretty much built their name on it. This is one that that is “the MMW style”, nothing fancy, nothing crazy, just a poor jobber girl, in this case Athena, getting literally crushed by a heel, in this case Sugar and everything goes as expected. Athena is super cute in her pink leotard, boots and knee pads, and Sugar isn’t here to play any games. The bell rings and Sugar takes control. She flattens Athena in no time flat, and walks away with the victory. We do get some great twitching and eye rolling in the end, but sadly no pin. I don’t know how MMW is based on such old school wrestling squashes, but somehow doesn’t seem to care about pins. Is that just a me thing or what? Any who, I love seeing Athena squashed, I love the pink, love the boots and knee pads, love the twitching, and love Sugar as the cold, heartless heel. Makes for good wraslin.

Overall Score: 9/10