Review of Premonition of Danger

Review of WILD STORIESPremonition of Danger – 20 Mins

redoWe offer you a new CUSTOM video in the “Shooter fun” style, complemented by a storyline. Our Heroine discovers she has an unusual mental ability: she has psychic visions of the near future. She also learns she can change that future. Meanwhile, there is a mysterious, secret organization killing people with psychic abilities. When the mysterious murderers come for our Psychic heroine, she has a vision of them taking her captive. She’ll then use her foresight to try to escape them. Clip features: a lot of shooting scenes, shots in the breast, shots in the belly, control shots; scenes with the sleeping gas and control shots in the motionless body; scene containing the hit of sniper bullets through the window; and the classic shooting scenes; the scenes where the heroine dodges of bullets in slow motion; 3D effects of flying bullets, digital blood effects.

Here’s another review brought to you by requests, and this one is going to be a little different, mostly because the only place I know this video is sold is on Niche Clips and you need an account on Niche in order to even see the store. So the buy now button isn’t going to be very useful unless you have a Niche account. That being said, the vid itself was very good, from a production I’ve never heard of, much less seen anything from. The same can be said for Milana, the star of the show. But, it’s all very well done, the acting is flawless, as is the camera work and editing. The shooting scenes aren’t bloody, just a little animated blood spatter on bullet impact, but no bullet holes or extra blood. So, it feels kind of like a sentry girls video as Milana has to keep rewinding time to figure out how to escape. I do feel we skipped a few do overs as Milana finally does make a successful escape, avoiding some sure fire deaths that we didn’t see her go through, but it is a badass escape. There isn’t too much dialog, which is good, because they don’t speaking English, but have English subtitles. I like the overall style of the video, the ability to story tell without much talking and watching Milana learn what not to do in order to make her escape. I enjoyed it, it’s not going to make any favorites lists, but it’s very well done.

Overall Score: 8.5/10