Review of POV “Busting up Athena!”

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingPOV “Busting up Athena!” – 11 mins

Have Fun! Beating the living hell out of Athena Law that is! Is it the way her booty looks in that shiny, blue, thong leotard? Or is it just a dislike for hot girls? Whatever has gotten into you, you sure take it out on Athena’s gorgeous face, soft belly, and long, thick hair! Take your time as you rip Athena around by the hair, using the ropes to bend her back in half, putting her in humiliating camel clutches, and unloading and folding her in half with hard, deep, belly punches! Athena never stood a chance. Winner, YOU!

Since the last POV from Modest Moms wrestling was so good, I decided to come with another and again, Athena is our target. This time in a wrestling match, with hair pulling being the main focus. I not the biggest hair pulling fan, usually wouldn’t go for something that focuses some much on hair pulling, but MMWs POV vids have a very distinct difference from pretty much every other POV out there and that is that they can use both hands. That makes these vids just a little more immersive and gives the heel, in this case, Alex, more freedom in what moves she can do. Again hair pulling is the main focus so I don’t get too many different moves, because there’s only so many ways you can pull someone’s hair and I am pretty sure Athena experienced all of them, but the possibility is there. I also loved this outfit on Athena, the blue leotard and matching boots look excellent. I think these “two handed” POVs is something MMW has that others don’t. I would like to see more types of matches in this POV style and of course by more types of matches, I mean OTT matches.

Overall Score: 8.5/10