Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldPOOR MONROE – 26 Mins

monroeThe beautiful Monroe starts off on TOP for a change as we fade in to the end of her match with pro star Betty Battles.  She pummels Betty’s gut and follows up with knees and a very impressive sequence of THREE BACK TO BACK TOMBSTONE piledrivers!  She’s not done, however… trapping Betty in a final rear naked choke that puts the veteran down and OUT!   Satisfied, the former jobber (or so she thinks) goes for the pin… and ALMOST gets it until Kathy the BUTCHER runs in and attacks! She nails a brutal tombstone on the rookie, knocking her out COLD!   Kathy rushes to her friend’s side and rouses her… leading to a conclusion ANY of us could have predicted.  Yep.  The two pros DEMOLISH the youngster, leaving her KO’ed over and over until a final set of finishers leaves Monroe snoozing on the mats!   Fans of 2 on 1 destructions:  this one’s definitely for you.

Another Monroe vid, another amazing and brutal squash. Monroe has risen through my ranks at such mind boggling speeds due to her outstanding selling and fantastic good looks. Speaking of, how amazing does Monroe look in the silver suit, with the boots and kneepads that only make her look even better. This vid does start out with Monroe in complete control over visiting pro Betty Battles, who also makes a fantastic jobber herself. So, this is another vid where the icing on the cake comes first with the quick, but excellent beatdown of Betty. But the cake, and the reason this vid is so good is, of course, Monroe delivering another blockbuster performance. This one goes straight on my favorites list along with ever other Monroe vid in existence thus far. She’s become such a favorite of mine I really hope that she never wins and continues to get dominated because every time she just gets better and better and I’m loving it. Of course Monroe couldn’t do this vid without the help of Kathy, who brings great power and entertaining banter, along with Betty, to sweeten the pot even more. As I said in my last review of Monroe’s last video, if you haven’t seen Monroe in action yet, you need to wake up and check this girl out, she’s definitely on the rise.

Overall Score: 9.9/10