Review of POOR ANDIE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldPOOR ANDIE – 20 Mins

andieWe fade in on rookie wrestler Andie Perez ion the middle of what COULD be a major upset!   She’s working pro wrestler Torey Payne’s belly over against the wall, moving on to a snap mare and a brutal sleeper holds that puts Torey OUT!  Andie goes for the pin but decides to have a bit more fun.  She stomps Torey awake and nails a brutal stunner KO…only to follow that up with a brutal X-Factor onto the SKW belt!   Not done, Andie wakes Torey up and lands a DDT onto the belt for yet another KO!  This time the youngster goes for the pin, but Torey’s pal Jessie Belle has seen enough.  She runs out and attacks Andie, trapping her in a perfect TOMBSTONE piledriver and lands it right on the steel belt! Andie is OUT, and Jessie wakes her friend up in order to exact some intense 2 vs 1 revenge!   Andie quickly finds out that she SHOULD have gone for that pin as the two pros tear her limb from limb, knocking her out and waking her up until the jobber is completely OUT on the mats!

If you guys saw POOR MONROE, then you guys will have a good idea what you’re getting with this vid. In a similar concept, Andie Perez starts out in complete control, like Monroe did, really dominating Torey Payne, in a very impressive manner. Torey being a phenomenal jobber in her own right does an awesome job selling in this part. Once Andie feels like Torey’s had enough, Jessie Belle comes running in to save the day, then it’s all downhill for Andie as the 2 on 1 slaughter begins. As you would imagine with Jessie, there is plenty of great trash talk between her and Torey as they demolish the rookie jobber. There are plenty of great prostyle moves, both together and individually. Andie really does a great job selling too, with this only being her second or third time performing for us, she was quite impressive. Not too much over the top action here though, besides for a little twitching from both Torey and Andie and a nice drooling and twitching scene at the very end. I think Andie shows terrific promise, as Monroe did when she first got to SKW and I truly hope she does a similar flow of outstanding squashes to come.

Overall Score: 9.9/10