Review of Poisonous Trader

Review of DefeatedPoisonous Trader – 7.5 mins

June is famous dancer who’s getting ready for an upcoming show when she gets a text message for an anonymous fan. The text reads, “You need to be aware of all the vipers around you, especially Poison.” Moments later Poison walks in and June immediately confronts her, showing her the text and asking if she is working against her. Poison says that everyone envies June and would love to be in her position. As June puts her phone away, Poison uppercuts June knocking her off her chair, on to the floor and sparking a one sided beat down June will never forget. June stands up and tries to defend herself, but doesn’t stand a chance against her powerful foe, getting punched back to the mats right away. Poison figures she can take June’s place is she’s not ready for the show tonight. With more punches to the face, belly and plenty chokes, Poison dominates June effortlessly. Finally Poison put June out of her misery with a final neck snap, leaving June in a motionless, and defeated pile on the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time June is getting a second helping of Poison, but with a little more story this time and also time Poison mostly uses her fists to dish out the punishment. Again June proves to be a great jobber, i definitely love watching her getting crushed and Poison is also already quite the heel, her size only makes her perfect for these kind of roles, but she’s also doing great with the trash talking and making the moves look good. Both these ladies have already proven to bet great additions to Defeated’s roster. This is a short and sweet vid, it’s only a little over 7 mins, but in those 7 mins we get some nice punch out action. Seeing Poison uppercut June off her chair is definitely a highlight in this one for me. Now I just can’t wait to see Poison get her hands on some more of the Defeated roster, like Stella and Elizabeth or Lilith. There’s no doubt in my mind that Poison is going to be starring in some upcoming instant classics. I just can’t wait to see what Defeated comes up with.

Overall Score: 9/10