Review of Please Don’t Knock Me Out Again

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPlease Don’t Knock Me Out Again – 21.5 mins

This creative POV custom begins with you approaching Becca in the ring. She knows why you’re there and attempts to strike a deal with you. She suggests that you film her faking her knockouts for your boss then demonstrates how she can roll her eyes, stick out her tongue, and fall unconscious. She also demonstrates how you can check her eyes and watch her twitch. Finally, she lets you decide how to start her “fake” knockout session and you punch her in the face several times! She protests, “What are you doing? We had a deal!” then your uppercut knocks her out. The remainder of the video features the following knockout techniques on poor Becca: choke, nerve pinch, black jack low blow and head hit, tazer shocks on the ropes and in the ring, sock smother and choke, punches to Becca using her own fist, a temple drill, and a final face punch. Each knockout is filled with crossed eyes, tongue out, twitching reactions and sweet Becca pleads and begs with you to stop knocking her out! Don’t miss this amazing video featuring the spectacular Becca!!! 

Ahh man, more OTT KOs starring Becca! With the way things have been going over at FWR I almost expected to see Peyton starring in a vid like this, which would have been awesome, but don’t be confused I am beyond excited to get Becca in this video. I really love how this vid started too, with Becca thinking she could just fake her way out of a beatdown, but even after a rather convincing performance she gets an amazing beatdown filled with all the crazy OTT reactions that I live for. There were tons of twitching, tongue protrusion and lot and lots of eye rolling, with plenty of eye checks too. I think this video is in the running for the most OTT Becca video yet and Becca of course sells it to perfection. I also love this outfit, letting us see the beautiful form that is Becca. I love these kind of vids, where Becca needless reminds us why she’s the fan favorite, where we get tons of OTT KOs and Rick also needless reminds us that FWR is the home of the best POV videos.

Overall Score: 10/10