Review of Pleasant Dreams Black Bat

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesPleasant Dreams Black Bat – 14 mins

Black Bat is on a mission to find a computer hard drive that will put a corrupt politician away for good.  Little does she know that it’s a trap set up the fiendish Trickster.  In no time, Black Bat finds herself a prisoner of the fiend.  Weakened from his tricks, can she escape his clutches?

Got another Sleepy Superheroine video for you guys and right of that bat, can I just say how happy I am to see that this lovely heroine is not wearing a body suit? Definitely got to give some plus points for that, not only because I was starting to worry that all the superheroines were going to be covered in body suits, but also because this suit has a thong back and also because Misty Lovelace… is shaped like Misty Lovelace, who just happens to fit this suit very nicely. Other than that, this video follows a similar pattern to the other videos, which is not a bad thing, mind you. There’s nothing wrong with plenty of KOs, a nice focus on the back end of our heroine, lots of limp play, some light spanking. All that can be in every video as far as I’m concerned. I would like to point out that we did get some better looks at her eyerolling in this one, some extra dizziness and failed escapes, which are also welcomed additions to not having a body suit. Overall, this is obviously my favorite Sleepy Superheroine vid so far and I’ll be looking forward to who’s next.

Overall Score: 9/10