Review of Playing Rough

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPlaying Rough – 22.5 Mins

BeccaYour humble producer thought it would be fun to let Becca and Peyton create their own video to see what they could come up with. Becca created the majority of the script then the two beauties worked together to put it all together. Becca’s summary is as follows: “Becca and Peyton have agreed to have a training session together, seeing as they are good friends. Becca thinks it is just innocent practice but Peyton had a different plan. Attitude is playful at first, then the mood gets progressively more aggressive.” The girls, dressed in booty shorts and sports bras, start out with the boxing gloves and agree to only practice jabs and hooks. After trading some punches, Peyton gets carried away and drops Becca with an uppercut. She giggles as Becca gets back to her feet. Becca says “Very funny. Now can you be serious now?” and Peyton agrees … only to suddenly drop Becca again with a sweeping kick to the face. Becca gets up and tries to keep her cool as they remove their gloves to work on their kicks. But Peyton still plays around and pretends to throw a kick then goes for a face punch. Becca ducks it and suddenly Peyton finds herself in a hammerlock! The girls continue their “friendly” practice session with a combination of bare fisted punches and wrestling moves until Becca manages to knock Peyton out with a DDT. She wakes Peyton up and they both agree to continue the “practice session” even though you can see they’re tired and worn out. More boxing, bare fisted punching, and wrestling holds are traded until a sudden DOUBLE clothesline knocks both girls out for good. When they finally wake up, they both giggle at how ferocious they were on each other and head off to the dressing room giggling about how intense the practice session was!  The actual match lasts a little over 15 minutes. We also included 7 minutes of behind the scenes video while they practiced the intricate moves they wrote for this EPIC match! You’ll love seeing two cuties giggling and acting silly as they practice some of the moves for the video!

The inmates are running the asylum! Well sort of. It’s a really cool Idea it give the girls creative control, step back and just see what happens. We get an awesome and creative mix of boxing and wrestling as this training session spins out of control. The ladies battle back and forth doing everything they can to outdo each other with both of them having a decent amount of control. I’ve always said that my favorite videos from FWR are when Becca and Peyton are working together, because the play off each other so well. Not matter who wins, it’s always a good show, always a convincing story. This one ends in a double KO, which I normally complain about, but in this case it’s the perfect ending. For the whole match to be as even as it was, it just makes sense to have it end the way it did. I also really enjoyed the extra-long outtakes, showing Becca and Peyton working together to figure out the all the action and also showing off how much fun they have while making these vids for us. I would definitely like to see more of that in future, but most importantly more of Becca vs Peyton.

Overall Score: 9.5/10