Review of Playing Possum

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPlaying Possum – 12.5 mins

We join sweet Charlie in the ring as she inquiries about who her opponent is going to be. We inform her that she’ll be wrestling Madison so Charlie decides to avoid the match by falling to the mat to play possum. Enter Madison who sees Charlie lying there. We play along with Charlie’s plan and say that she fainted when she found out who her opponent was, so Madison goes for the easy pin. Although Charlie planned on letting herself be pinned she couldn’t help becoming angry when Madison called her a slut! Charlie sprang to life and snapped a tight head scissor on Madison, knocking her out! The only problem was that Charlie needed to do a 10 count pin to Madison before she woke up. Well …. that didn’t happen. Madison wakes up during the count and ATTACKS! We think you’ll enjoy the many knockouts that happen to Charlie for the remainder of this match!

Another great Charlie defeat from FWR and I love how this on is set up. Charlie is so cute with her worried face when she finds out she’s got to face Madison and even cuter when she gets the idea to play possum and dead falls the mats. Then of course Madison comes talking all sorts of trash that causes Charlie to get upset and attack, but once Madison is out, you can see it’s a decision Charlie instantly regrets, as he tries to rush through her pin count and get out of there. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work as Madison springs back to life and chokes her out. Then it’s all downhill for poor Charlie from there, as she gets KO’s repeatedly by the now angered Madison. Again, I got to say this set up is awesome and well done. The whole match is awesome and well done really. I also think Charlie is still continuing on her path of improvement as she sell even better in this clip. Madison as always kickass as a heel, her size and strength over Charlie makes this easily believable. The more I see Charlie lose, the more I love her, let hope FWR keeps the Charlie squashes coming.

Overall Score: 9.5/10