Review of Play with Me!

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Review of Kayla ObeyPlay with Me! – 15 mins

“Hi! Happy Anniversary! I have a gift I’d like to give you…do you remember when we used to play with these when we were younger? Well, I thought we could do that again and have some fun. What do you think?” 10 scenes of Kayla pretending to get in a shutoutt with you before getting hit in the chest and belly and falling limp to the floor. She starts off fully clothed but removes her glasses and clothing to reveal a skimpy bikini, stating how it’s serious now. In two scenes she doesn’t let you take her out and uses another prop and tainted water. She playfully shouts banter and smiles, getting back up after several scenes. “Remember how we would fight on the same team? I think we should try that too!” 10 more scenes of you fighting side by side. She gets hit in the belly and chest and goes down. A few times she asks you to finish her so she isn’t captured. In one, you get hit and she comes to your side and holds you, giving you a kiss and telling you she loves you before getting hit herself.  “That was a ton of fun, but I’m pretty tired now I think it’s time for me to go to bed….Of course you can hit me one last time. Oof!”  She falls down in her bed, limp…when she gets back up she’s shocked to find you down on one knee proposing! She smiles wide and gives you a big kiss. “Of course I’ll marry you! Does that mean we can play this game again on our wedding day?”

Taking this one back a bit, to just before my latest Kayla custom was released, as a made a note that someone wanted me to review this video and with this being a fan favorite, gunning down Kayla, type of video I am of course happy to hold up for a minute and review this video. So this one follows suit with most of the gun down Kayla type vids, as there are only so many ways to get gunned down, but nonetheless, Kayla hops into frame firing her finger pistol only to take a few shots herself and go down. As this is set up to be you and Kayla roleplaying together each scene ends with Kayla getting back up to her feet with a smile on her face, ready for the next scene. Of course we get tons of Kayla laid out on the ground in great poses, that get even better once she strips off her jeans and shirt off. If you enjoy seeing Kayla play gun fight and lose each if those gun fight, like I think we all love to see her do, then this is one you will easily enjoy too.

Overall Score: 9/10