Review of Pink Falcon’s Weakness is… HUMILIATION

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Review of Classic Superheroine FetishPink Falcon’s Weakness is… HUMILIATION – 16 Mins

hhAnother installment in our “Weakness” series, this one features the beautiful Ela Darling as Pink Falcon, whose weakness is humiliation itself! Her partner Emerald Hawk, played by the gorgeous Jessica Ryan, is incredibly annoyed that Pink Falcon is always so easily defeated and ravaged by the bad guys, and finally calls her out on it. “Everyone knows humiliation is your weakness. I bet I can beat you without even having to touch you,” she claims. Pink Falcon is incensed and takes her up on her challenge. Sure enough, Emerald Hawk only has to INSULT Pink Falcon — calling her a dumb slut, making fun of how her costume shows off her ass, how Pink Falcon moans and whimpers every time a villain beats her up — and this almost instantly causes Pink Falcon to get completely weak! She staggers about helplessly while Emerald Hawk makes fun of her, and gets even weaker as the green-clad heroine begins groping and then spanking her! Emerald Hawk eventually bends the defeated Pink Falcon over and spanks her some more, before exposing her breasts and pussy and forcing her to endure a humiliating orgasm, which knocks Pink Falcon out! Total humiliation for Pink Falcon — and it’s clear that Emerald Hawk has made her point!! Pink Falcon’s weakness is indeed humiliation itself!

Here is a very sexy and fun superheroine vid, with arguable the most unique weakness I’ve ever seen or heard of. Poor Pink Falcon is literally made helpless with mean words, so you know the trash talking here is going to be plentiful. And they said word would never hurt you, they never met Pink Falcon. Once she’s well insulted and humiliated Emerald Hawk piles on the humiliation by, groping, spanking, and stripping Pink Falcon. Ela is such a beauty that it’s hard to take your eyes off her and her selling is perfect here that combination makes it nearly impossible for me to look away. Her weakness is funny to me, watching her react to insults like punches is great. I’ve always been a fan of super powers and ways to take advantage of superheroines, this is definitely a different take on that, but I got say it worked out really well. A sexy superheroine is defeated without even taking a single blow, it’s hard to imagine until you see this video.

Overall Score: 9/10