Review of Peyton’s Training Session

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Training Session – 24 Mins

beccaThe FWR boss wants Peyton to learn to be more vicious in her matches so he brings in Antoinette to help the young girl out. Antoinette brings a tied and gagged Becca in as the victim and the two girls proceed to beat the stuffing out of the helpless blond. The domination takes place in three separate scenes: in the living room, in the bedroom, and finally in the ring. They punch her out while taking turns holding her arms behind her back, give her some wicked low blows, and knock her out several times! After carrying her to the bedroom we find that they’ve stripped the beauty down to her bra and panties to work her over even more. As the destruction grows, Peyton admits that she’s never really liked Becca and REALLY enjoys beating on her. Finally, when the girls take Becca to the ring room they knock her out then prepare her for a little wrestling session that includes some nasty double teaming. Peyton and Antoinette destroy poor Becca and finally leave her hog tied over the ropes, knocked out. As they prepare to leave Becca starts to wake up, moaning softly, so Peyton steps back into the ring and delivers a HUGE uppercut that finishes the helpless Becca off for good! Don’t miss this epic humiliation of Becca!

This is an awesome piece of domination here. A type of role that I’ve normally seen filled by the amazing Sasha, is this time being played by Becca. So those mean and vicious one sided beatdowns that I love so much, with Sasha in a dress and/or heels, with some added bondage just for good measures. That’s exactly what this is. Antoinette and Peyton are brutal in their destruction of Becca. Lots of punches and kicks, as well as few chokes and of course some low blows. Becca arms are tied back and her mouth tapped shut for most of the beating. Becca is completely helpless and is KO’s plenty of times too. I love all outfit changes that happen throughout the beatdown especially that two piece & boots they picked out for Becca’s wrestling great at the end. I love Becca’s selling, lots of great helpless expressions, lots of great moaning in pain and weakly trying to get away, even a few angry glares at Antoinette and Peyton. At the same time, hats off to Antoinette and Peyton for really seeming like they hated Becca and just having so much fun beating her down. I loved these kind of vids when Sasha did them and they really only get a bit better when Becca is the star.

Overall Score: 9.9/10