Review of Peyton's Pretty Punching Bag

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Pretty Punching Bag – 15 mins

The premise of this custom video is very simple. Two beauties, Peyton and Becca, meet for a boxing match. Becca goes wild with her punches at the beginning, all of which are dodged by Peyton. The blond boxer quickly tires herself out and knows that there’s no way she’ll be able to hit Peyton so she gives herself to the tough little brunette. “Please, just beat me up already.” And Peyton is more than happy to do so! The remainder of the fight is amazing! Peyton pounds away on poor Becca’s face and body with the boxing gloves then with her bare fists. You’ll enjoy a devastated punch-drunk Becca, her eyes rolling and her legs wobbly as she’s slowly punched into oblivion! Don’t miss this!!!

Becca gets beaten up, down and every which way by Peyton again! To be honest, when it comes to Peyton vs Becca, it really doesn’t matter which way it goes, we, the fans win, because both ladies are amazingly awesome. That being said, I sure do love it when Peyton completely dominates Becca, like she does here. This one is a little different than the other beat downs, as very shortly into the match, Becca exhausts herself trying to land a punch on Peyton and failing incredibly. Then Becca is just like, “Please, just beat me up already.” And of course Peyton does just that. So Becca doesn’t really try and fight back after that, just lets Peyton have her way with her. I have a different title for this video, I’d call this, “How is she still standing” because Becca takes a lot of damage and only goes down a few times, but stays on her feet through a ton of big punches and hangs in there for quite a while, though be it on spaghetti legs. Becca is out on her fit early on and stays that way throughout the match and I loved it, love seeing Becca like this. I probably would have thrown in a few more knock downs before the big KO, but one sided boxing with Becca on the receiving end is one of those things I always look forward to and always really enjoy. This time was no different.

Overall Score: 9.9/10