Review of Peyton’s New Clothes

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s New Clothes – 15.5 mins

Becca found out that her missing outfit was taken by Peyton so she attacks her in the studio! A right hook hits Peyton square on the jaw and when she tries to protest Becca plows another punch deep into her belly then knocks her out with an uppercut! From that point on poor Peyton is on the receiving end of a savage beating that includes powerful face and belly punches, hammerlocks, and knees and kicks to the face. Becca knocks the girl out over and over again but keeps waking her up for more punishment. She continuously asks Peyton to return the clothes and finally ends up stripping the clothes off her. Then the real fun begins as a sadistic Becca ties Peyton’s hands behind her back, throws her in the ring, and beats on her some more. In the end, the destroyed brunette is left gagged and hogtied on the ropes as Becca tells her “Don’t ever take clothes from me again.”

I always love these FWR matched with these sexy outfits because, one, it is almost guaranteed to be a one sided beatdown. Two, it’s also very likely to have a lot of sticking combat, so face punches and knees to the gut. Three, there’s probably going to be some light bondage of some sort and finally of course is the outfits themselves, usually boots and skirt which is super sexy to see a jobber wearing and even better when they get stripped out of said outfits. This one ticks all those boxes and does so in amazing fashion, as Becca beats the daylights out of poor Peyton from beginning to end, with mostly punches, that’s also a plus. Also, you can think of this as Becca getting a little more payback for all these vids where Peyton got to beat her down. Either way, I totally love this style of video from FWR as Becca and Peyton continue to always provide some of FWR’s best videos.

Overall score: 9.9/10