Review of Peyton’s Invisible Foe

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Peyton’s Invisible Foe – 16 Mins

PeytonThis custom video opens with little Peyton lying unconscious and spread eagled in the ring. She wakes up, sits up, and informs us that she was beaten up by an invisible foe! Then she proceeds to roll her eyes and fall back unconscious. We then go back in time to see what happened. The following scene shows Peyton waking up from a nap on the couch. When she stands to stretch she suddenly reacts to a massive punch to the face, spins and falls spread eagle on the carpet … knocked out. She gets hit a few more times in the body while she’s knocked out and we see her body react. The remainder of the video shows poor Peyton confused and disoriented as punches to the face and belly constantly knock her out. Like in our previous videos, “Sasha’s Invisible Foe” and “Becca’s Invisible Foe”, this video focuses on quick knockouts and long lengthy views of the unconscious and spread eagled Peyton. We also enjoy some nice eye rolling and dazed looks from the beautiful Peyton during some of the knockouts and even some silly grins as she’s going out. While the action isn’t lengthy, the long views of this sweet young girl spread out and knocked out are definitely worth watching!

I’ve heard rumors about this vid (you know I got connections, lol), and finally is it here! This is easily my favorite series coming out of FWR right now and it is so great to have Peyton joining this series. There’s nothing not to love about this one, Peyton, like her predecessors, brings her A game and knocks this one out of the park, giving us great reactions, confusion, dizziness, swinging wildly at the air, tossing herself to the mats and really making sure she’s as spread eagled as she can be. There’s even some twitching, as there normally is in this series, but one time in this one, Payton falls to the mats, legs together, arms at her sides and twitches till she’s spread eagle, brilliant! I really enjoy these vids and cannot wait to see the next one. No need for any real changes either, just plug in the next victim *coughMadisoncough* and do it again, it’s seriously that good.

Overall Score: 9.9/10