Review of Peyton’s Destruction

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Destruction – 22 mins

In this excellent custom video Peyton plays the part of a nerdy Brainiac who wears glasses and sports pigtails. But she’s a confident nerd who thinks of herself as a better fighter than anyone else! Enter Becca. Dressed in a sexy black leather one piece. The blond yanks Peyton to her feet by the hair and proceeds to kick her butt with punches, kicks, and low blows! She throws Peyton into the ring and continues the beating! A huge hook knocks Peyton out and Becca checks her limp arms and legs, removes her hoodie, and unties her pigtails. Peyton soon wakes up and pretends to apologize but when Becca comes close Peyton sucker punches her then gives the blond a taste of her own punchout medicine! A chloro filled rag knocks Becca out and Peyton returns to her reading. Becca wakes up and attacks again, this time beating Peyton over the head with her book then giving her more blows to knock her out. In the end, poor Peyton is tied up, gagged, and left with the words “Nerdy Girl” written in lipstick on her belly.

It seems that Becca is finally get one over on Peyton, now I know these videos are technically in different universes, but it’s be a great joy to watch Peyton beat the stuffing out of Becca, repeatedly, in the amazing “Peyton Proves Herself” series, but this time Becca gets to prove herself, mostly, as she kicks the butt of a rather cocky Peyton. I say mostly because Peyton does manage to get some offense in there, even knocking out Becca one time. But it is Becca who is in control for the most part and the one who gets the last laugh. With lots of punches, kicks and low blows, not too much wrestling, Becca takes Peyton down and finishes her off with some great humiliation and bondage, tying Peyton up, writing on her belly and finisher her off with some belly punches. Also, it’s a great touch to have the lipstick from the writing coming off on Becca’s fists as she belly punches Peyton into unconsciousness. Becca has a little more humiliation for Peyton before she goes, pulling Peyton’s jeans off before leaving her defeated. It’s a brutal beat down, it’s great to see Peyton losing to Becca and as always these girls are just amazing working together. Another vid definitely going on the favorite list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10