Review of Peyton’s Defeat

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Defeat – 10.5 mins

In “Boxing with Peyton” you defeated the cute brunette but in the rematch, “Peyton’s Revenge”, she came back to beat you up and tie the score. You’re back to settle the score but Peyton is confident after beating you so much in the previous match that she’s looking forward to knocking you out. In a spirited back and forth 3 round match you both get your share of knockdowns and pound each other with hard punches. But you end up the dominant boxer in this rematch and totally destroy the sexy bikini clad beauty in the last round. When she’s finally staggered and groggy enough you SMASH her with an upper cut that puts her flat on her back and knocked out cold!

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Peyton defeat from FWR, but I am definitely happy to see that dry spell ended here. I might even be more satisfied that it came in the form of a POV boxing match instead of any other way. I would have loved it if it was super one sided and Peyton just got crushed for bell to bell, like “Madison is Your Punching Bag”, but I actually really enjoy these hard fought battles as well. We get to see Peyton getting a little cocky as when she has some control and watch as that cockiness slowly fades as her inevitable defeat grows closer. I also love the POV matches for the close ups, eye contact stuff, like Peyton giving us evil glares and stare downs, which get even better when Peyton starts to get weak and dazed we can see her eyes roll and cross. Which brings me to my next point, I really like how even though Rick doesn’t say anything behind the camera, he does a great job, with one hand, being cocky right back to Peyton when he knows he’s got her beat and I love how it just annoys her. So I really loved this POV battle, really happy to see Peyton defeated again, I love her selling, her look, her everything. Got to hand it to Rick for being the POV master and always knowing how to makes these POV the best out there and hopefully we’ll see Peyton defeated again real soon.

Overall Score: 9.9/10