Review of Peyton’s Deadly Feet

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton’s Deadly Feet – 10 Mins

peytonThis custom video features the kicking styles of Peyton. In the first half of the video Peyton wears black converse sneakers as she easily destroys poor Becca with face kicks, body stomps, and corner foot chokes. After knocking Becca out with a jumping snap kick to the face, Peyton removes her sneakers and socks then relaxes her cute bare feet on Becca’s mid-section. A sudden belly kick wakes Becca up for more punishment that includes a scissor hold, bare foot chokes, a spinning face kick on the ropes, and stomps to the belly in the corner. Peyton removes the belt from Becca’s Karate Gi and wraps it around the groggy blonde’s throat to keep her standing in the corner. Several snap kicks to the face and stomps to the belly pound poor Becca until she slides down in the corner, nearly out of it. But Peyton wants to have more fun and sits down in front of her opponent to smash her foot into Becca’s face over and over again! We even filmed Becca’s point of view while being kicked so you know exactly what she was looking at while being destroyed! The end finally comes from a dramatic sweeping kick to the face followed by a spinning kick to Becca’s back that sends her flying into the ropes and falling spread eagled on the mat, knocked out for good! Peyton finishes her match with a full minute of foot of body and foot on face victory poses then sits down to relax with her cute bare feet crossed on the unconscious body of her opponent!

Plan and simple, this is a Becca squash, so naturally, it’s awesome. I don’t really care whether it’s a boxing match, a wrestling match or Becca getting kicked in the face and body countless times, as long as it’s Becca getting destroyed, I’m going to love it, every time. Although I do like the deadly feet concept. It’s definitely a less common way of destroying your opponent, Peyton does it very well, and there a lot different kicks and positions Becca ends up in so this is pretty fun to watch. Even with Becca in a karate gi, my most hated attire, she’s only wearing the top half and bikini bottoms and that makes it much, much better. I even like that Peyton took her shoes off, it added a little more cockiness and a little more humiliation and the bare foot views, aren’t a bad thing either. As always, Becca selling it top notch, she gets her brains rattled right away and spends the whole match dazed and exhausted, which she does so well. So if you’re a fan of watching Becca getting crushed in a match, which you all should be, then I can’t think of a reason not to grab this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10