Review of Peyton vs Madison: Knockouts Only

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton vs Madison: Knockouts Only – 15.5 Mins

Two confident women wrestlers meet at ringside, quickly discuss the rules, then take their corners. The match is a best of five falls knockouts only match and as soon as the bell rings the beauties go at it! Peyton takes a quick lead, using a head lock, snap mares, and a VERY impressive torture rack to weaken her opponent. Peyton wins the round with a figure four head scissor knockout. In round two, Peyton continues her attack with a camel clutch to sleeper knockout. But Peyton’s quick lead is cut short in round three when Madison levels her with a running clothesline and a long series of mounted face punches. Madison also dominates round four with a beautiful sleeper hold! As round five begins it’s obvious that Peyton has had enough as Madison dominates her with some hair mares, and arm bar, a camel clutch, and a final sleeper! The victory goes to the lovely Madison!

It’s always a bit of a bummer for me personally when I see two FWR greats going against each other in a submissions only match. So imagine my excitement when I see “knockouts only” in the title. Formatted just like most sub only match, but with knockouts not tap outs, now you’re talking my language. I’m pretty sure this is the first of its kind and after this one, there better be more. Madison and Peyton duke it out in amazing fashion in this KOs only video. Not just with great KOs, but impressive submission holds as well. Can I get a “win/win” in comments for this one? I love both of these girls as jobbers, but this one ended exactly I wanted, with Madison dominating the last half. I love the bikinis and socks, love the contrast with the white vs black. I love the move set, with good variation. Love the flat out KO positions and the added sock in the mouth humiliation for the final KO. This is something I hope to see more of, simple, fun, well done… I guess after all it’s not really that different, but it’s great and that’s all that really matters.

Overall Score: 9.5/10