Review of Peyton vs Becca: Pure Pros

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton vs Becca: Pure Pros – 11.5 Mins

PeytonDo you remember that hot black fighting outfit that Becca loves to wear when she destroys the other wrestlers? (see “Becca Confronts Kat”, “Sasha’s Interview”, “Battle for the Fight Club”, and many other) Well, it seems that Peyton found that outfit in the dressing room and angers Becca when the girls remove their robes at the beginning of this wrestling match! Maybe it’s the outfit or maybe it’s because Peyton has become better at wrestling but she goes toe to toe against Becca in this fast paced match! The beauties exchange tons of great holds, including a test of strength, collar and elbow lock-up, side head locks with hair pulling, full nelsons, hammerlocks, clotheslines, body and head scissors, a chin lock, a surfboard, several flips, a crippler cross face, and a few pin kick outs. In the end, Peyton’s one legged neck scissor weakens Becca enough for a combination split pin and school girl pin to seal the match!

I love that this famous heel outfit has become a part of the storyline here, as I’ve talked about who every is wearing that outfit always wins and that pattern continues here, so clearly that suit has some magical powers. The action here is really good too, as always Becca and Peyton work extremely well together, both ladies look absolutely stunning and they again provide us with some more top notch acting, action and selling. It’s a back of forth battle that flows really well and jams in a lot of moves. I felt it was a pretty simple match when I first watched it, but as I was grabbing the pictures I really noticed just how much action was packed into this one. As predicted, because of that outfit, Peyton does come out on top, with a near KO submission from Becca. This one was a lot of fun as Becca and Peyton show us again why they are the best at FWR.

Overall Score: 9/10