Review of Peyton Proves Herself

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Peyton Proves Herself – 25 mins

We love creative customs with a fun storyline and you’ll love this amazing video featuring Peyton, Becca, and even your favorite FWR producer! We open with Becca accompanying Rick into the house. She’s still in her boxing gloves and we find that an unconscious Peyton is hanging over Rick’s shoulder! It turns out that Becca punched the stuffing out of Peyton and Rick makes the decision that Peyton can’t fight again until she gets better. Cut to a month later as an excited Peyton, wearing her boxing gloves, brings Rick to the boxing ring to show him an unconscious Becca spread out in the ring. And to prove that she’s gotten better, Peyton uses Becca as her punching bag for the remainder of this sweet video! Becca is knocked out over and over again and is basically punch drunk throughout the fight. In fact, Becca is so groggy that she mistakenly thinks that Peyton is Madison, which brings an even rougher beat down onto her! You’ll LOVE this great custom video featuring LOTS of eye rolling, groggy, punch drunk reactions from poor Becca and those sweet punches that only Peyton can deliver!

Of course you’re our favorite FWR producer, Rick. You’re the only FWR producer! Haha! But, there are two things I’d like to point out about this description/vid. One, Becca is pretty much unconscious and a total ragdoll through most of this vid, she has a few moments of consciousness here and there, but for the most part she is totally out of it. And if you don’t know by now ragdoll are my favorite type of matches. And two, about halfway through this incredible beatdown, Becca starts twitching for every KO, or knock down, it’s hard to tell the difference when she’s that out of it, but of course, that is a monster selling point for me and it’s a shame it wasn’t mentioned. Nonetheless, the timing of this release is outstanding, in one single update I now have 2 new absolute favorite FWR videos, this outstanding Becca boxing beatdown and my custom, Madison’s Your Punching Bag, in my opinion, two of the very best FWR videos ever and coincidentally, or maybe not, two of the most twitchy FWR videos to date. I also love this storyline and love some of the good laughs along the way, from waking up Peyton, to Becca punch drunken interruption, Becca calling Peyton Madison and Becca’s punch drunken confession. This is such an amazing vid that if the custom writer doesn’t do another one like this, I will and even if he does, I probably still will.

Overall Score: 11/10

*The only other non-my-custom vid to earn that score besides Super Sparrow vs The Black Mask