Review of Peyton Proves Herself … Even More

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Proves Herself … Even More – 23 mins

In another sequel to the “Peyton Proves Herself” series we find Becca on the receiving end of a long beat down session where she’s mostly dazed and groggy throughout. The custom video begins as Becca tells the boss that she’s hired a personal trainer to help her get stronger. She hopes to beat Peyton someday but suddenly finds out that her new trainer is none other than Peyton! Peyton manages to talk Becca into doing the training session and the camera man is told to leave for an hour. When he returns he finds Becca unconscious in the ring with Peyton relaxing on the couch. It turns out that Peyton had a little too much fun sparring with Becca and ended up knocking her out … a lot! The epic video continues as Peyton has the cameraman film a special training video for Becca to watch later but with the current Becca as the victim. The creative custom script has Peyton destroying poor Becca with punches, black jack blows, and a tazer. Becca never really wakes up and stays in a constant state of almost being unconscious. Peyton knocks her out over and over again as we enjoy Becca in plenty of eye rolling, silly expression, tongue out, twitching knockouts while Peyton talks to the camera like she’s discussing techniques to Becca, the future viewer of this video! In the end, Becca can no longer stand so Peyton demonstrates her victory poses and enjoys the total domination of poor Becca! Don’t miss this one!!  

Again I found myself literally jumping for joy when I saw the video release. These series has brought me some of my all-time favorite Becca beatdowns and that trend continues with this third instalment. I will say that this is the least over the top of the three thus far, with the least amount of twitching and tongue protrusion, but this is also the best storyline and overall production thus far as well. Quite frankly, in this case, that is a tradeoff I am willing to take. The action stays much the same, and that is a very good thing. It’s all about Peyton putting a merciless beating on a barely conscious, sometimes completely unconscious Becca. I can’t even imagine a way that I will ever be tired of seeing that. The storyline though is unique, fantastic, funny and very well done. I love that Becca hires a trainer and that trainer turns out to be Peyton, you know already this is going to go terribly for Becca. Then when Rick comes back to of course find Becca destroyed, Peyton comes up with the great idea of using Becca for her own training video. What follows is some perfectly cheesy music and graphics that intro Becca’s training video, then of course the lessons, using Becca as the training dummy and closing out with more cheesy music, hilarious credits and more bad graphics to close out the video. It’s really, really good and at the same time, just the right kind of terrible that is perfect for a laugh. I got to hand it to the custom writer, our oh so humble producer, Rick and of course Becca and Peyton for making such madness work so well. Normally I would complain about Becca not selling as over the top as she did in the others, but a little turn up on the humor in exchange for a little turn down on the OTT stuff, but still delivering a  brutal one sided, nearly ragdoll beatdown works just fine from me. Really hope this series isn’t over yet, I am definitely praying for more and don’t miss this one.

Overall Score: 10/10