Review of Peyton Proves Herself … Even More Again

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Proves Herself … Even More Again – 30 mins

If you’ve seen the previous episodes of this custom series (“Peyton Proves Herself”, “Peyton Proves Herself … Again”, and “Peyton Proves Herself … Even More”) you’ve GOT to purchase this episode! We open with Peyton sitting on the couch and resting her feet on an unconscious Becca. She explains that they’re in a training session and Becca is “resting”. Peyton then takes us on a flashback where she’s in the ring with Becca teaching her how to counter knockout moves. She has Becca place holds on her that she easily escapes from then knocks her blond friend out. We enjoy a sleeper to a nerve pinch, a corner foot choke to a turnbuckle head smash, a corner body splash to a hanging sleeper hold, defense against a hidden opponent with a black jack, a sneak attack choke to a reversal, and plenty of punching techniques that end in knockouts. Throughout the session Becca becomes increasingly groggy, gets knocked out tons of times with plenty of twitching, crossed eyes, and tongue out action. We jump back and forth from the flashbacks to the present time as Becca keeps waking up … only to get knocked out again. Peyton has a blast toying with Becca and checking her limp body throughout this excellent video. Don’t miss it!

FWR is back with another entry into my favorite series, a series I love so much it inspired my own custom in this “universe” that you guys can check out HERE. So of course I was beyond excited to see this video released and I’m even happier to say that this one may be the best one of the series so far. This one starts out in way that I expected, Peyton hanging out with a KO’d Becca, but then gets crazy fast, as Peyton tells how Becca and herself got to where they are now, but Becca keeps interrupting, but of course Peyton teaches Becca to wait until she’s finished with her story. So we get great OTT KOs while Peyton telling her tale and more KOs when Becca wakes. Soon enough Peyton finishes her story, but the beat down isn’t over. Rick, sounding a bit like he’s heard this story a few times before, basically asks when Peyton will be done with her training Peyton says it won’t long, wakes Becca up and continues where she left off with her lesson. She goes on until Becca is completely out of her feet and next can’t stay on her feet at all. As I said this may be the best entry into this series, there’s a ton of KOs, Becca sells all the KOs OTT, with beautiful eye reaction, twitching and tongue protrusion, from the very first until the very end. I really hope this series isn’t over, Becca and Peyton or just so perfect for these roles and the final product is always amazing.

Overall Score: 10/10