Review of Peyton Proves Herself … Again

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Proves Herself … Again – 25 mins

We join Peyton with an unconscious Becca laying in her lap on the couch. Peyton, who destroyed Becca in “Peyton Proves Herself”, tells us how Becca challenged her to a rematch to get even for that beating. In a flashback to the fist fight Peyton lets Becca punch her out a little, actually pretending to be knocked out. Peyton then attacks a stunned Becca with her amazing arsenal of high powered punches in a six round fist fight filled with the lovely blond getting knocked down and nearly out at the end of each round! Peyton could easily count Becca out several times but she sadistically cuts off the count to drag Becca back to her feet for more punishment. Becca spends the major part of this fight in a dazed and confused state, her eyes glassy and her speech slurred, as Peyton smashes punch after punch into her chin. Becca even gets knocked out of the ring twice during this amazing beat down. We strongly suggest that you DON’T miss this match!

I just about jumped out of my chair and shouted for joy when I saw these video released at FWR. As you may or may not know, “Peyton Proves Herself” is hands down my favorite non custom video at FWR, and only having one custom so far from FWR (Madison’s Your Punching Bag), that puts that video really high on my all-time favorites list. So when I saw there was a sequel to that video and it starred Becca again being dominated, I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to see this. Of course that begs the question, does this video live up to the hype or does is suffer from the curse of the sequels? Well, simple answer is, it’s a Becca squash fools, of course it lives up to the hype! Like Becca and/or Peyton would ever let us down, please. There’s so much great things to say about this video, starting with the opening scene with Becca laid out on the couch with Peyton while she talks about what happened and playing with the unconscious Becca in the process. Then the first scene before the fight start where Becca is ready to go, but Peyton is too busy warming up. Then Peyton pretending to get KO’d right off the bat, only to laugh it off, telling Becca she just wanted to see her reaction. Then when the action really kicks off and Becca is almost instantly turned into a dazed, confused, eyerolling human punching bag, with more knockdowns and knockouts then I could ever hope for. Peyton talking trash the whole time and making sure the fight goes on for as long as possible. Then about halfway through Becca starts to twitch and every knockdown is a knockout, it’s truly a beautiful thing. Peyton still continues to batter Becca until finally Becca is 100% out cold. Try as Peyton may, Becca is done, not even able to stand at all. Becca limply collapses to the mats, but Peyton still puts a few more punches in before finally counting Becca out and talking her victory poses. I love this video so much, but I will say that the first one is a tiny bit better, as the Becca is pretty much a ragdoll for that entire video, this one shows just how much it takes to get Becca to that ragdollish state displayed in the first video. Nonetheless this video is phenomenal! I can only hope that there will be more like this one. I can only hope that one day I will be able to make this idea even a little more over the top by adding my own little touches to it. Becca and Peyton absolutely kill it in this video, proving again why they are the fan favorites. I am loving this new unstoppable Peyton idea and again I truly hope to get more just like it.

Overall Score: 10/10