Review of Peyton Proves Herself … #5

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Proves Herself … #5 – 24 mins

Ok, let’s look back. We started with “Peyton Proves Herself” then followed that with “Peyton Proves Herself … Again”, “Peyton Proves Herself … Even More”, and “Peyton Proves Herself … “Even More Again”. Now we’re happy to add “Peyton Proves Herself … #5” because I ran out of title ideas. In this episode Peyton makes another instructional fight video for Becca, starring Becca! Poor Becca is basically in la-la-land for this entire match and spends LOTS of time crossing her eyes and falling unconscious after Peyton’s numerous face punching knockouts. There are a few sweet wrestling holds applied to the groggy, punch-drunk blond and we get to see sweet Becca flailing her fists around in a goofy display of feminine silliness. You’ll need to add this fun knockout video to your “Peyton Proves Herself” collection!

Yes, one of my favorite of all favorite FWR series comes back with another installment and I know I made a comment in my review of the previous video that if this series can back, what would they call it and Rick addresses that issue right off the bat by explaining, he’s all out of title ideas, this is not just Peyton Proves Herself… #5. And that’s great because now we can go to #10 or #20 without a problem, which I hope it does. Anyway, enough about the title of the damn thing, let’s talk about the video itself. So again this is a recap of what Peyton has already done to Becca, as Becca lays out in the ring as the video start. Once in Peyton story, we are treated to quite an amazing OTT and super silly show, where Becca again fails miserably at taken down Peyton. I love some of the creative and just downright silly ways Becca gets KO’d in this, like the one punch KO, the frying pan thing and Becca attacking Rick. I also love Becca punch drunken reaction, which are always amazing, love the bit at the end. There’s plenty of twitching and tongue protrusion and lots of eye checks and limb checks too. And I like that there was a little wrestling mixed in too, even with a nice leg hook pin at the end. It really has all the OTT stuff that’s made me love this series in the first place and a few new details that make me love it even more. Peyton of course is a great heel, having way too much fun the here practice dummy, doing plenty of trash talking and a little humiliation too. Overall, this is my new favorite entry into the series and sure hope there is more to this tale, like I said, #20 would be awesome.

Overall Score: 10/10