Review of Peyton Needs a Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Needs a Match – 16 mins

Sweet little Peyton enters the studio in a pair of tight jeans and a crop top. We brought her in to inform her that she needs to have at least one match per month if she wants to stay on the FWR roster. She innocently says that she didn’t realize it’s been a month and pleads with us to give her a chance and that she’s been practicing her boxing. Well, it turns out that Madison is in the studio so we bring her in. Madison, looking tough in the tight leotard, accepts the challenge and teases the nervous Peyton by rubbing her bare belly and telling her how much fun it’ll be to punch her tummy! But Madison is a wrestler so she sets a special rule that the boxing match will be an anything goes match. Peyton agrees and the fight begins! After trading a few face punches Peyton ends up trapped in the ropes and Madison goes to town on her cute belly and face with her gloves. Things heat up even more as Madison removes her boxing gloves, lets her out of the ropes, and knocks her out with a standing head scissors. Madison mocks the girl about her clothes and removes her top to do further damage to her sweet belly and abs! You’ll LOVE seeing poor Peyton get dominated, knocked out a few times, and taunted in this one sided match!

I feel it’s been quite a while since we had a video where Peyton get beaten up, knocked out and stripped down and I am very happy to see one again. There is so much that I love about this one, starting with cute little Peyton in her cute little street clothes looking all nervous when she find out she has to have a match versus Madison. Then a little boxing action where Peyton quickly finds out that she’s not going to stand a chance versus Madison. The great beatdown that comes on pretty quickly and it isn’t all focused on belly punishment, even though there is plenty of belly punishment involved. The KOs and the stripping, leave Peyton just in her bikini and left unconscious in the middle of the ring. All of that is really great, also add in the great selling from Peyton, who’s always a super cute jobber and a great job by Madison as well, who just really has a great time dominating poor Peyton. A great mix of action, all one sided makes for an easily loveable video from FWR

Overall Score: 9.5/10

  • Peyton is loosing weight… 🙁 I am worry about her…

  • Amazing vid!

    Peyton has the sweet/cute/innocent thing down to a tee and playing it. She is easily the best in my opinion in the fet at playing the sweet/cute/innocent role. top 2-4 period for me, i’m one of the few that though I love her to actually have Peyton above Becca. This vids great tho as I have talked about I love street clothes even if in this one it goes to a bikini top pretty quickly but at least the jeans stay on. Would have loved some socks,shoes to be on for a bit as well.

    She slays in them and their awesome but I would love to see Peyton in some more non wrestling based ko type vids. Like Velvets Fan, GGS type videos. Shes amazing in these but there are only so much and so many different things you can do in pure wrestling/boxing based especially it mostly being pro style. With how good she plays innocent/sweet/cute it would be awesome to see her in some of those types of videos in the different plots/story’s and set ups.

    Then If she was willing to go that far just imagine Peyton in a vid where shes actually being destroyed ragdolled eye rolling,tounge out drooling etc. As far as I know there isn’t one but if anyone knows of a video where Peyton is drooling out of it for the love of god let me know! lol

    • You might be right on being in that rarity of people who like Peyton over Becca, but with Peyton being my #2 at FWR, i got nothing against that at all, she is clearly amazing and i would love to see her in any role that has her KO’d repeatedly. You know you really get my wheels turning when talking about seeing her in a ragdoll with some over the top stuff. I know i have seen her in with her tongue out in a few vids, but nothing going a far as you mentioned. I would love to see it though and I think she would not only be down do to it, but she would also kill it and make it one of the best vids ever.