Review of Peyton Loves a Good Fight

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Loves a Good Fight – 10 Mins

A giddy Peyton approaches her boyfriend (played by you!) in the house, “Do you want to wrestle?” Your lovely girlfriend leads you by the hand from the house into the ring. She disrobes to reveal her gorgeous body in a sexy bikini. Suddenly, Peyton charges you hitting you with belly punches that force you into the corner. You are kicked in the face several times and she finally pulls you to the center of the ring and steadies you. She winds up for an uppercut but you catch her with your own uppercut that drops her to the mat! What follows is a fun and playful beat down of the little brunette beauty! It turns out that she loves being dominated and spends most of the time in a dizzy and punch drunk daze! At one point you trap her in the ropes and give her a speedbag facial then release her and shove her out of the ring for a little wrestling on the carpet! You’ll love punching her bare belly, teasing her, and watching her cute eyes roll when you punch her out! And she loves it too! A final uppercut puts the beauty flat on her back dreaming of the fun she had getting defeated by you.

Have I ever mentioned that I love POVs like this from FWR? Well I do and this is one pretty unique too, as Peyton actually likes getting dominated. She encourages her own beat down and you catch her smiling a lot as she’s taking a beating. I think this is a pretty cool twist compared to the cocky girl that just gets beaten up anyway. It’s a pretty good beatdown too, with plenty of kicks and punches, a few submission holds, action in and out of the ring, a few knockouts, a few pins, even a few “overkill” belly punches while Peyton is out. This one really checks off a lot of the boxes for things I like to see and Peyton sells it all, along with her enjoyment of taking a beating and her punch-drunken-ness extremely well. And one for my favorite things about FWR POVs specifically is the eye contact we get. A number of times Peyton looks straight into the camera with those gorgeous eyes, looking at us and I just love that, and I don’t see that happen so perfectly with other POVs. I really hope to see more vids like this even if it’s Peyton again because she’s awesome, or if it’s someone else, because this style of video is awesome too.   

Overall Score: 9.9/10